The 7 Best Rice Cookers in Canada

Red, black, jasmine, wild, brown, sushi, sticky, basmati, and white rice for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So many types of rice, so little time. What better way to cook rice than with one of the best rice cookers in Canada?

We have researched many rice cookers and gathered a list of the top 7 best ones that will cook moist, tasty, fluffy rice you won’t be disappointed with.

Best Rice Cookers for Canadians

With hundreds of rice cookers on the market in Canada, we looked for several aspects of a rice cooker to make a list.

The first thing we looked for was positive and excellent customer reviews. We also looked for the types of rice cookers and the features available with the rice cooker. We looked for versatility and durability, as well. The final aspect we looked for was the convenience of storage and easy cleanup.

This list is the top 7 in all of those aspects. On this list, you will find rice cookers that simply cook white rice (Black and Decker) and rice cookers that cook a whole meal (Instant Pot).

Black and Decker 2 in 1 Rice Cooker and Food Steamer RC516C


Black and Decker 2 in 1 Rice Cooker and Food Steamer RC516C

The Black and Decker 2 in 1 Rice Cooker holds a maximum of 16 cups of cooked rice, 7 cups uncooked. The minimum amount of rice it will cook is 3 cups. It is also a food steamer for vegetables, fish, and more.

With a removable non-stick bowl for cooking, this rice cooker also comes with a measuring cup, spoon, and steam tray. There are two heat settings, cook and warm.

This device will automatically switch on the warm setting when it is on. Once the rice is ready, it returns to the warm setting. It comes with a two-year warranty.

Our Take

First on our list is this lower-end rice cooker. It is designed more for light to moderate users. If you plan to use a rice cooker daily, this one is not for you. It is top-shelf dishwasher safe.

One of the things that we like about it is that it stores all accessories inside of itself for secure storage.

There is no on/off switch. Once you plug this device in, it will send heat to the rice. It must be unplugged to be off.

The non-stick bowl is a thin material that makes cleaning up easy as the bowl is not heavy.


  • Easy Clean-Up
  • Top shelf dishwasher safe
  • 2-year limited warranty


  • Short outlet plug

Proctor Silex Rice Cooker 37534NR

Proctor Silex Rice Cooker 37534NR


The Proctor Silex Rice Cooker 37534NR can cook 8 cups cooked and 4 cups uncooked rice cooker comes with a steam tray, rice paddle, and measuring cup. This rice cooker is top-shelf dishwasher safe and automatically switches to warm when rice.

There are two heat settings, cook and warm, and it comes with a removable non-stick pot. You will get this rice cooker with a 1-year limited warranty.

Our Take

This rice cooker is lower-end, similar to the Black and Decker 2-in-1. It is also top-shelf dishwasher safe and has the same accessories as the Black and Decker. It can steam veggies, fish, and meats.

Cooking is easy with this rice cooker as it has a one-touch operation. After placing the ingredients in the pot, you flip the switch and the rice cooks. When the rice is ready, it returns warm like the Black and Decker rice cooker.

The measuring cup that comes with this rice cooker is a rice measuring cup, not a standard measuring cup. This rice cup weighs six ounces, whereas a standard measuring cup weighs eight ounces. It is essential to know when cooking rice.

The cookbook with this rice cooker has a table to help you understand how many rice cups are needed and how much rice you would like to cook.

Unlike the Black and Decker Rice Cooker, this rice cooker can cook other grains and hot cereals. For example, it can cook quinoa, barley, millet, and more.

It also is a moderate to heavy-use rice cooker as it is made of heavier material to make it last longer. It is excellent for daily use and perfect for feeding 1-3 people.


  • Cooks other grains and hot cereals
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Daily use


  • Cook/Warm button can stick

Aroma Arc-914SBD


Aroma Arc-914SBD

With a stainless steel surface, the Aroma Arc-914SBD rice cooker has many features and capabilities. It can cook from 2-8 cups of cooked rice. It is a digital rice cooker and food steamer.

A non-stick pot and removable inner lid are just a few physical features. It also has an open, closed handle, condensation collector, and spatula holder. It can make soups, stews, chili, and even mac and cheese! A manual offers several recipes and tips and tricks.

It is easy to use with its digital controls. It controls white rice, brown rice, flash rice, steam, and warm rice. This rice cooker comes with a two-year warranty.

Our Take

A tremendous mid-range rice cooker, we love the abilities this Aroma Arc is capable of. We love that with a push of a button, you can cook two different kinds of rice. Conveniently, you can make other food besides rice.

This rice cooker would benefit a person who is hard of seeing or elderly as the buttons are large and easy to push, as well as a loud beep to know the rice is ready.

Like the Black and Decker and the Proctor Silex, this rice cooker comes with a steam tray, rice spatula, and measuring cup.

Our absolute favorite feature of this rice cooker is the programmable delay start. We love that you can delay the start of cooking your rice for up to 15 hours. It is convenient.

With today’s busy schedules, this will help get supper cooked quickly. It is compact and easy to store, which is also convenient.


  • Programmable delay timer
  • Cooks more than rice


  • We could not find any

Tiger Corporation 10-Cup Micom Rice Cooker

Tiger Corporation 10-Cup Micom Rice Cooker

The Tiger Corporation 10-Cup Micom Rice Cooker is more than just a cooker; it’s a reliable kitchen companion. It’s about more than just cooking rice but doing so quickly and efficiently.

It offers a capacity of 10 cups, a boon for large families or those who frequently host. Moreover, it’s designed for easy serving and cleaning, making it a handy tool in your kitchen.

Key Features

  • Can keep rice warm for up to 12 hours
  • Equipped with a non-stick inner pan
  • It comes with a retractable power cord for easy storage
  • Includes a spatula and a measuring cup
  • It has a removable steam vent cap and a dew collector
  • Features a convenient lid handle
  • It offers a versatile capacity


  • Large capacity suitable for cooking for a crowd
  • A non-stick pan and included spatula make serving and cleaning a breeze
  • Retractable cord allows for easy storage and less clutter
  • Can keep food warm for long periods, ensuring warm rice even hours after cooking
  • Removable components make it easy to clean and maintain


  • A larger footprint might take up more counter space
  • It might be more than needed for smaller households or individuals

Why the Tiger Corporation 10-Cup Micom Rice Cooker Is a Good Choice?

With its large capacity, ease of use, and handy features, the Tiger Corporation 10-Cup Micom Rice Cooker is a good choice for anyone looking to enhance their cooking experience.

We found the ability to keep rice warm for up to 12 hours especially beneficial, ensuring that we always had warm rice ready to serve throughout the day. The non-stick pan and the included spatula made serving and cleaning remarkably easy.

We also loved its retractable power cord, which made storing it a breeze and kept our kitchen clutter-free. The removable components are a plus, making cleaning and maintenance more straightforward.

If you value convenience and efficiency in the kitchen, this rice cooker is worth considering.

Express 6-Qt Oval Max Pressure Cooker, Stainless Steel

Express 6-Qt Oval Max Pressure Cooker, Stainless Steel

The Express 6-Qt Oval Max Pressure Cooker is a kitchen powerhouse that combines nine appliances into one compact design. The oval shape is designed to accommodate larger cuts of meat, making it a versatile cooking tool.

This multi-cooker eliminates the need for multiple appliances, freeing up your kitchen space and simplifying your cooking routine.

Key Features

  • Combines nine appliances into one: pressure cooker, rice cooker, steamer, slow cooker, stock pot, yogurt maker, food warmer, sauté pan, and more
  • The oval design accommodates large cuts of meat.
  • The one-hand easy-fit lid ensures easy alignment without twisting.
  • The quick clean function allows easy removal of odors and discoloration.
  • No-spin oval pot for steady cooking
  • Easy-release steam dial keeps hand safe from steam.
  • 15 one-touch cook settings including Slow Cook, Brown/Sear, Sauté, Simmer, Boil, Yogurt, Steam, Keep Warm,
  • Meat/Poultry, Beans/Chili, Soup/Broth, Rice/Grains, Dessert, and Clean


  • Versatility in cooking with nine appliances in one
  • The oval shape and large capacity are perfect for large meals
  • One-touch settings make it easy to cook various dishes
  • Easy-fit lid and no-spin pot ensure convenience and safety
  • The quick clean function simplifies maintenance


  • Its versatility might make it a bit complex for first-time users
  • Larger sizes may require more storage space

Why the Express 6-Qt Oval Max Pressure Cooker Is a Good Choice?

The Express 6-Qt Oval Max Pressure Cooker impressed us with its capability to perform the tasks of nine different kitchen appliances, saving us space and the effort of switching between multiple devices.

We loved its oval design, which easily accommodated larger cuts of meat, making our cooking process smoother. The one-hand easy-fit lid and no-spin oval pot added to the safety and convenience of usage. Cleaning up was also a breeze with its quick clean function.

Considering all these points, this pressure cooker would be a practical and convenient addition to any kitchen.

Tiger Floral White Rice Cooker JAZ-A10U-FH

Tiger Floral White Rice Cooker JAZ-A10U-FH


This Japanese Tiger Floral White Rice Cooker has a beautiful floral design. It can hold 5.5 cups of uncooked rice and comes with a steam basket, measuring cup, and rice paddle. We suggest hand washing it instead of putting it in the dishwasher.

Our Take

Top brand, middle quality, describes this Tiger rice cooker very well. Tiger is one of the leading brands in rice cookers from Japan.

However, this particular model is manufactured in China. The quality of this rice cooker may not last you decades. However, it will get the job done. With the automatic warming feature, the rice is fluffy and tasty and keeps warm nicely.

The retractable power cord is suitable for storage in a cabinet or on a shelf. One downfall of this rice cooker is that once the non-stick coating begins to fall off the pot, you can not buy just a new inner pot. You must purchase a new cooker.

If you plan to use a rice cooker 2-3 times a week, this rice cooker will last you for years. If you plan to use it daily, you may have to replace it in a couple of years.


  • Retractable power cord
  • Top brand, middle quality


  • No replacement for the inner pot

Instant Pot Duo Mini

Instant Pot Duo Mini


The oddball appliance on the list, this is more than a rice cooker. The Instant Pot Duo Mini is a 7-in-1 multi-use programmable pressure cooker.

The rice cooking feature can make 12 cups of cooked rice and comes with an automatic keep-warm function that can keep the rice warm for up to 10 hours.

It is great for smaller families or where storage and cooking space is limited. It has a 35-inch, detachable, three-prong plug.  With eleven smart programs, it has a 24-hour delay start timer with easy one-touch controls.

Our Take

So why is a programmable pressure cooker on a rice cooker list? Because it has a rice cooking program that outshines the rest. It is a very versatile and durable appliance that cooks rice to perfection. The rice is fluffy, moist, and overall delicious.

We love that this device does not emit steam or heat, which is a great safety feature, especially if children enter the kitchen. The size of this appliance is great for traveling and use in a boat, RV, or dorm room.

All the internal components are stainless steel, which includes the lid and inner cookpot, which makes clean-up a breeze, mainly because it is dishwasher safe.

This device has adjustable temperature settings, unlike the other appliances on this list. Because it is a pressure cooker, you can cook much more than rice and steamed foods, such as many Canadian traditional foods.

Numerous recipe books are available for the Instant Pot, including recipes with rice and those without.

So although this isn’t technically a rice cooker, it is our favorite appliance to cook rice because of all the other features it can accomplish.


  • All stainless steel inner components
  • 11 smart programs
  • Multiple temperature controls


  • Could not find any

A Buyer’s Guide for Your Rice Cooker

There are multiple types of rice cookers on the market, and there are many features within these types of rice cookers. When buying a rice cooker, knowing which type you’d like and what features you’d want to include is essential.

Below are the types of rice cookers, features available with rice cookers, and some things to remember when purchasing and cooking with a rice cooker.

Types of Rice Cookers

We found three types of rice cookers on the market: conventional, smart, and combo rice makers. There are many pros and cons of each kind of rice cooker.

The first type of rice cooker is a conventional rice cooker. This rice cooker is affordable and easy to use and cooks the rice quickly but is bare bones. It doesn’t allow for multiple types of rice to be prepared and cooks less-than-perfect rice. It also lacks features.

If you want a rice cooker that cooks white rice that you aren’t too picky about, then a conventional rice cooker is for you. The Black and Decker rice cooker is a traditional rice cooker.

The second type of rice cooker is a smart rice cooker. It makes perfect rice because sensors sense liquid in the canister, and once that liquid boils, it powers off or warms depending on the cooker.

An example of a smart rice cooker on the list is the Aroma Arc. There is a good variety of these rice cookers on the market. Some negative aspects of this type of rice cooker are that they tend to be more expensive, cook the rice slower, and can be complicated to use.

The final type of rice cooker is the combo rice maker. It has lots of uses, like the Instant Pot on this list. It can cook various food, and an all-in-one design saves space.  However, it is even more complicated to use and sometimes, depending on the model cooks imperfect rice.

Features of Rice Cookers

Modern electric multi cooker with rice and milk in the kitchen

Some features of rice cookers you should be considering include capacity size, type of pot, digital timer, delayed start, light indicators, heat settings, and types of uses.

The capacity sizing on rice cookers can be pretty confusing. Consider whether they are talking about cooked or uncooked rice capacity. Because rice expands when cooked, two cups of uncooked rice do not equal two cups of cooked rice.

The ideal inner pot for a rice cooker is non-stick or stainless steel. If you purchase a rice cooker with a non-stick pan, you must be careful not to use metal inside the pot or hard plastic because once you scratch the pot, the pot’s life begins to decrease.

Some advanced features, especially smart rice cookers and combo rice makers, are a digital timer and delayed start. These features are not a necessity but a benefit to make life easier.

Indicator lights are a necessity. Every rice cooker on this list has an indicator light that lets you know the rice is ready.

Many rice cookers come with two heat settings, heat and warm. If you want to do more with your rice cooker than cook rice, you should look at rice cookers with multiple heat settings, such as the Instant Pot and Aroma Arc.

Finally, if you want more out of your rice cooker than just cooking rice, look for a rice cooker that does more that has more uses. The two on this list with multiple uses are the Instant Pot and Aroma Arc. The others may be able to steam other foods, but we will discuss that in the next section.

Things to Keep in Mind

Besides the type of cooker you want and the features you want, there are two other things to remember when buying a rice cooker.

First, the measuring cups that come with the rice cookers are not your average measuring cups. They will not be 8 oz to one cup. They might be 6 oz to one cup or something similar.

When looking to buy a rice cooker, most of them come with a measuring cup to use. If they don’t, keep the manual/recipe book to ensure you use the proper water-to-rice ratio.

The second thing to remember is the ability to cook rice and steamed vegetables or other foods simultaneously. Some rice cookers claim to be able to do both, and often you can tell by the design if it will be successful.

For example, the Oster has a steam tray that sits above the pot, and we feel like this would be successful in steaming and cooking simultaneously.  Why wouldn’t it be successful if it says it will be?

Well, because of space inside the pot or even the fact that rice might cook faster than a basket of fish and vegetables or vice versa.

The Oster, Aroma, and Cuisinart will accomplish that if you want a rice cooker that can steam and cook simultaneously.


Like electric kettles, rice cookers play a vital role in simplifying our cooking routines and enhancing our overall culinary experience

Whether you want a rice cooker that cooks white rice or a rice cooker that can cook a whole meal, it is essential to look at the types of rice cookers and their features of the rice cookers.

We know there is a perfect model for you here on our list, so purchase one and get to cooking!

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