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Chloe Alman

75 Articles

For years, Chloe has worked as an online reviewer for some of Canada's biggest online retailers. She knows what goes on behind the scenes in these online shops because she has worked for these online shops. Chloe is taking her knowledge and experience from her many years of online reviewing and putting it out there for you to see. She knows what makes a product work and what words a company throws out to trick consumers into buying a faulty product. Having studied online marketing, Chloe has an edge over many of the companies you buy from every day. She understands what important features and specs to look out for in the product descriptions and which fluff words are added to convince the crowd. When shopping online, it can be difficult to pick out which products work and which ones won't fit your needs. Chloe's experience and understanding of the industry have made her the perfect online reviewer to check out before you make a final purchase. Chloe conducts the research herself before creating a review piece so that she can understand every product she's looking at before she puts the information in front of you.