Screaming kids, loud engines, or a noisy seat partner can make any flight uncomfortable. Sirens, car horns, or pedestrian screams can make any walk unenjoyable. The answer to these less than pleasant situations is noise-cancelling earbuds. Here are the 5 best noise-cancelling earbuds available in Canada.

Our List of Top 5 Noise Canceling Earbuds in Canada

  1. Sony WF-1000XM3 Earbuds(Our Top Pick)
  2. Bose QuietComfort 20
  3. JoinFit MiPods
  4. TaoTronics SoundLiberty 79
  5. Monster Wireless Earbuds

Our Top 5 Noise Canceling Earbuds Reviewed

Noise-cancelling earbuds are relatively new to the market in the last few years. They are becoming ever more critical. So we thought we would review several noise-cancelling earbuds and give you the top 5 best. To make this list, the earbuds had to have great customer reviews, work on cell phones, be durable, and be available to purchase in Canada. Here are the top 5 best noise cancelling earbuds, we hope you find a favourite.

Sony WF-1000XM3 Earbuds

Available in two colours, black and silver, these truly wireless earbuds work with any device that has Bluetooth function, for example, PC and MAC computers.  The Sony WF-1000XM3 Earbuds uses the HD noise cancelling processor QN1e and 24-bit audio signal, which provides an improved sound quality. It has a battery life of 24 hours, and the option for a 10-minute quick charge will give you 90 minutes of play.

It comes with a carrying case that is a charging port.  To operate these noise cancelling earbuds, you can use an app or tapping each earbud will give you different controls. There is the option of hands-free calling as well. The app will allow you to change ambient sound control. These come with a 20 cm USB type-CTM cable for charging and a colour picture user manual.

Our Take

Sony claims that these are the industry-leading noise-cancelling earbuds, and we would have to agree. The ease of using them is topnotch. We feel like they are the best choice for an Android in-ear wireless earbuds with active noise cancellation.  We’d like to clarify the 24-hour battery life, with a full charge of the earbuds, they will play for six hours and then need to be charged in the charging case again, which will hold three more full charges for six more hours each for a total of 24 hours.

The touch controls on this device are very beneficial. We love that you can change the song, volume, and even make a call without having to pull out your phone. Other quick access features ensure safety while wearing these earbuds. We need to have adaptive sound control that switches ambient sounds based on the activity you are participating in. These earbuds have this Smart Listening technology.


  • Battery life
  • Utilizes Google Assistant
  • Topnotch Active Noise Cancellation
  • Improved sound quality


  • Poor mic quality for hands free calling
  • Not waterproof or water resistant
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Bose QuietComfort 20/20i Earbuds

Available for both Android and Apple devices, these wired earbuds have many features. First, the Bose QuietComfort 20 are for Android and Windows devices. The Bose QuietComfort 20i are for Apple devices. They are practically the same set of earbuds. However, the 20i version has additional functions on the inline remote. These functions are volume control and music control.

The 20 version does not have these features. There is a control module for both versions that is the battery pack, as well as the place to turn on the noise-cancelling function and where the charging port is. These earbuds charge in two hours for a battery life of sixteen hours per charge—the battery light on the control module signals when the battery is low. StayHear+ tips are on the tip of the earbuds to provide comfort and to ensure the earbuds stay in place.

These headphones come with a one year warranty.

Our Take

With Bose being the leader of noise-cancelling headphones, we wanted to find a pair of earbuds that had this same technology, and they did not disappoint. As the Sony WF earbuds are adequate for Android devices, these earbuds are ideal for Apple products simply because of more functions that are available for the iOS. It is handy to have the inline remote to not only change volume and music but to answer calls and end calls. It also allows you to activate the Aware mode, which pauses the noise-cancelling function to be able to carry on an in-person conversation.

Because this is a wired earbud, you can still listen to music if the battery dies. We love this aspect. The battery simply powers the active noise cancellation feature, and if the battery dies, this feature won’t work, but you can still listen through them as if they were standard earbuds. These earbuds are fantastic for shutting out the world and getting lost in your music, or whatever you are listening to!


  • Will work if battery dies
  • Inline remote
  • Can be used while charging
  • Deep, clear sound


  • Weak cord connection to control module
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JoinFit MiPods

These true wireless JoinFit MiPods earbuds are new to the market, as they have only been on sale for less than two months. They offer a connection with 5.0 Bluetooth technology. They are sweatproof and have a built-in mic. Each earbud offers a multifunction button to answer/end calls and music controls. Providing HD sound, the earbuds have four hours of continuous battery life. The charging case then offers twelve more hours. The MiPods have left/right ear separated design to support mono or stereo mode, and this allows you to wear only one earpod if you desire.

Our Take

Sony and Bose earbuds are on the higher end. These MiPods are no comparison as they are middle to low end. You can get them at a great price, but they are far less superior to the Sony and Bose. We do love some of the features offered, however, which is why they made our list. We love the separate ear capabilities and feel like the sound is super dynamic. They have a zero-pressure design, which is great for the comfort of the wearer and helps them stay in the ear. Our favourite feature is that they are sweatproof. These would be great to wear while working out. The noise-cancelling feature is not up to par with the other earbuds on this list, but it still gets the job done.


  • Sweat-proof
  • Auto pairing when removed from case
  • Zero pressure for wearer
  • Compatible with Android and Apple devices


  • Lower battery life than others
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TaoTronics SoundLiberty 79 True Wireless Earbuds

Another pair of water-resistant earbuds from TaoTronics SoundLiberty 79, these have 5.0 Bluetooth connectivity and a range of 30m/98ft thanks to the LDS antenna. A built-in microphone provides HD voice calls. The noise-cancelling feature cancels 96% of the ambient noise during a phone call. It isolates the voice at 95%. The earbuds have eight hours of a single charge with forty hours total when using the charging case powered by a USB-C charging cable. You have the opportunity to use one earbud or both. When you open the case, these earbuds automatically pair with the last device that was connected. They offer ear touch controls and HiFi stereo sound.

Our Take

These mid-range earbuds offer the same 5.0 Bluetooth connectivity as the MiPods. However, that is where the comparison ends. This SoundLibery 79s have an above-average sound, and the ergonomic design is great for not only comfort but fit and stability as well. The battery life on these earbuds is the best on the list. The HiFi stereo sound is accurate and clear. Like the MiPods, we love that you have the option to wear one earbud or both. The noise-cancelling technology on these earbuds is very effective while on a phone call, but it suffers when just listening to music. We would say that it is our biggest complaint with these earbuds.


  • Battery life
  • Above average sound
  • Noise cancellation during phone calls


  • Noise cancellation less than par on music
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Monster Wireless Earbuds

Offering a water repellent mesh, these Monster Wireless Earbuds are also dust resistant for a longer life. The built-in mic makes voices clear in a call. It has one-step pairing technology. The battery lasts five hours on an initial charge, with a total of 25 hours using the charging case. These earbuds also have one-touch controls and an auto on/off feature to save the battery.

Our Take

A mid-range to higher-end earbud, these noise-cancelling earbuds have a deep bass sound incomparable to others. It has a secure fit for sports. The included tips make it very nice to find the right fit for comfort and snug fit to ensure they don’t fall out while working out. Offering wind noise reduction on top of the noise-cancelling function gives clarity and consistent sound. Our absolute favourite feature on these earbuds is the quick charge function. You can charge these earbuds for five minutes and get an hour and half of playtime out of them before needing to be charged again.


  • Water and dust resistant
  • Quick charge


  • Connectivity issues
Check the price on Amazon

A Buyer’s Guide for Your Noise Canceling Earbuds

With such a range of prices when it comes to noise-cancelling earbuds, it can be overwhelming in deciding which ones to buy. When looking to buy a pair of noise-cancelling earbuds, there are numerous features to be considered. Generally, the more features a pair of earbuds has, the greater the price. So narrowing down the “must-have” features and the “would like” features will help narrow down the decision as to which earbuds are the perfect purchase for you. Below are a few of the features to consider when buying noise-cancelling earbuds.


The first feature to consider is connectivity. How do you want to connect your earbuds to your device? If your phone is never too far from you, then you may want wired earbuds. If you want the freedom of not being tied to your phone, then wireless earbuds are the way to go. A positive aspect of wired earbuds is that they will work even if the battery is dead. The battery is generally only for the noise-cancelling feature, which will not be available if the battery dies. If you are looking at wireless connectivity, then looking for Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity is ideal. Bluetooth 5.0 will transfer data quicker than any other Bluetooth connection.

Battery Life

All noise-cancelling earbuds will require the power of some sort as the noise-cancelling technology needs powered. A battery does it. In wired earbuds, the battery is in a control module. In wireless earbuds, a charging case has a battery as well as a battery within each earbud. The charging cases act as a power bank to charge your earbuds multiple times on a single charge.  If you travel quite a bit, you want to find an earbud that has a longer battery life.


This feature is important if you plan to work out in your earbuds or plan to wear them outside. Many manufacturers void their warranty if the earbuds come in contact with any liquid if they are not water-resistant. If you plan to wear them at a desk, then water resistance may not be a feature you find as important. However, if you want to work out in them, then be sure to get a pair that is water-resistant or waterproof.


Looking at different features offered by different noise-cancelling earbuds will best help you in buying the perfect pair for you. The price range can be overwhelming. However, we hope this buyer’s guide cleared up some of the things you should look for.

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