Reviewing the Best Kids Bank Account

Best kids bank account options are becoming increasingly popular, and for a good reason. Parents are keen on teaching their children about money management at a young age, and what better way to do this than by opening a kids bank account for them?

These bank accounts allow kids to save money and educate them on responsibly handling finances.

Several choices are available, whether you’re looking for a simple savings account for your little one or a chequing account like the TD student one. While some bank accounts for kids offer perks such as unlimited transactions, others might focus on teaching kids the importance of maintaining balances and avoiding monthly fees.

With so many options, choosing a bank account that aligns with your child’s needs and financial education goals is essential.

Like when opting for no fee credit cards, many parents prioritize finding savings accounts for kids with low or no monthly maintenance fees. It’s understandable, as you wouldn’t want your child’s hard-earned savings to be eaten up by fees. Other factors include minimum balance requirements and each account’s perks or benefits.

From children’s savings accounts to youth accounts that combine the benefits of both saving and spending, there’s a perfect fit for every young saver out there. In this review, we’ll highlight the features and benefits of some of the top kids bank accounts available, ensuring you find the best fit for your child’s financial growth.

Capital One presents the Kids Savings Account tailored specifically for our young savers. It’s more than just a bank account; it’s a foundation in money management for the next generation. Without hidden monthly fees, this savings account emerges as an ideal pick for parents and kids.

Our Top Picks

Capital One’s Kids Savings Account

Capital One's Kids Savings Account

Capital One presents the Kids Savings Account tailored specifically for our young savers. It’s more than just a bank account; it’s a foundation in money management for the next generation. Without hidden monthly fees, this savings account emerges as an ideal pick for parents and kids.

The Best Features

  • The competitive interest rate of 0.30% APY ensures a substantial return on savings.
  • The absence of monthly or maintenance fees means every penny saved remains in the account.
  • Flexibility with no minimum balance requirements allows young savers to start without pressure.
  • Automatic savings feature for consistent and scheduled deposits, promoting a disciplined savings regimen.
  • The capability to link accounts offers a smooth transition of funds from parental bank accounts.
  • Engaging with a top-rated app introduces young ones to the convenience of digital money management.


  • Comprehensive money management tool in the form of an easy-to-use mobile app.
  • A streamlined savings account designed specifically for kids, emphasizing financial education.
  • Assurance that all saved money remains untouched with no hidden monthly fees or minimum balance requirements.
  • Effective automatic savings plans that can be customized to suit every kid’s saving habits.
  • The linked accounts feature bridges the gap between a child’s savings account and a parent’s bank account, making fund transfers hassle-free.


  • Limited to savings only, without the option of a chequing account or debit card for spending.
  • It is not as diversified in services as a few other kids bank accounts offering more dynamic features for older kids and teens.

Why Is the Capital One’s Kids Savings Account a Good Choice?

In today’s fast-paced digital world, starting on the right foot regarding finances is crucial. Capital One’s Kids Savings Account doesn’t just act as a safe haven for your child’s finances but becomes an interactive learning and growth tool.

Firstly, the account has been designed to keep young minds at its core. The very essence of it encourages children to learn the value of money, the importance of saving, and the joy of watching their savings account balance grow.

The competitive interest rate of 0.30% APY isn’t just a number; it’s a constant motivator that teaches kids the potential of compound growth over time.

What sets this bank account apart is its user-friendly approach. Financial topics can sometimes be daunting for adults, but this kids bank account simplifies things.

Children can save independently without added pressure, with no monthly fees and minimum balance requirements. These features assure parents that their child’s savings journey remains as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Additionally, the automatic savings feature instills discipline. It’s a hands-on approach to teaching kids the importance of regular savings. By allowing their money to be deposited into their accounts periodically, they grasp the concept of consistency in money management.

Parents are always concerned about how involved they can be in their children’s financial activities. The linked accounts feature addresses this by balancing parental oversight and a child’s autonomy.

The Capital One’s Kids Savings Account is among the best bank accounts for young savers. Its blend of educational features, user-friendly design, and the promise of financial growth make it not just a bank account but a financial partner for your child. Our experience suggests that it truly paves the way for a brighter financial future for every young saver.

USAlliance Financial’s MyLife Savings for Kids

USAlliance Financial’s MyLife Savings for Kids

Understanding the financial world is necessary for kids and teens, and USAlliance Financial’s MyLife Savings for Kids provides the right platform to begin their adventure.

Designed with a thoughtful blend of features, this children’s account sets the stage for young account holders to lay the foundation of good financial habits.

The Best Features

  • High 2.00% APY on the account’s first $500.
  • Seamless transition to MyLife Teen Checking or MyLife Savings at age 13.
  • Annual $10 Birthday Bucks, ensuring kids look forward to their savings.
  • Online and mobile account access with a user-friendly mobile banking app.
  • Federally insured up to $250,000 by credit unions, guaranteeing security.


  • Encourages saving money with a lucrative interest rate.
  • No bank fees, ensuring more savings.
  • Financial literacy enhancement with a smooth transition to youth accounts.
  • Emphasizes savings goals through special annual birthday additions.
  • Compatible with various financial institutions, promoting flexibility.


  • Absence of a debit card feature for withdrawals.
  • APY bonus is limited to the first $500, potentially reducing earned interest potential for higher balances.
  • Lack of clarity on monthly maintenance fee after transition at age 13.

Why Is the USAlliance Financial’s MyLife Savings for Kids a Good Choice?

The USAlliance Financial’s MyLife Savings for Kids account is more than just one of the best savings accounts; it’s a financial training ground. We were particularly impressed by the introductory 2.00% APY, which effortlessly demonstrates the power of compound interest.

While many online banks offer youth savings accounts, the transition feature of this account prepares young savers for more adult bank accounts, such as the TD youth savings account or the HSBC premier chequing account.

The emphasis on financial literacy is commendable, especially considering how many young people transition into adulthood without understanding basic financial concepts. With the ability to withdraw cash, monitor transactions online, and witness the magic of compound growth, they’re on a path to financial awareness.

Moreover, this MyLife savings account is a great introduction for those considering joint bank account options or looking into credit union accounts like the Alliant credit union or Canadian Western Bank Youth.

We believe that starting an account like this, especially when coupled with relevant documents such as a child’s birth certificate, can be an integral step in introducing kids to the world of finance, ensuring they’re not only prepared to pay taxes but to understand the value of every dollar and cent in their own account.

In a nutshell, USAlliance Financial’s MyLife Savings for Kids is more than just an account; it’s a commitment to ensuring a financially literate next generation. And in our books, that’s a commendable mission.

Alliant Credit Union’s Kids Savings Account

Alliant Credit Union’s Kids Savings Account

When it comes to instilling smart financial habits, the Alliant Kids Savings Account stands out. It’s a beacon for parents, grandparents, and guardians, providing an ideal platform for teaching children about the nuances of money, interest, and money management.

The Best Features

  • A competitive interest rate of 3.10% APY for $100 or more balances.
  • No monthly fees for members opting for eStatements.
  • Alliant covers the initial deposit of $5 to kickstart the child’s savings journey.
  • Complimentary Alliant Savings ATM Card for seamless transactions.
  • Robust mobile banking capabilities through the Alliant app.


  • Simplifies opening a kids bank account with an easy online application.
  • Joint ownership is available for parents, grandparents, or guardians.
  • Direct allowance transfers, encouraging children to save money regularly.
  • Availability of supplemental savings accounts for kids for specific goals.
  • Active encouragement of teaching kids with their mobile banking app.


  • The lack of a debit card feature might limit the transactional convenience.
  • High APY is limited to account balances of $100 or more.
  • The absence of unlimited free transactions could limit activity.

Why Is the Alliant Credit Union’s Kids Savings Account a Good Choice?

As we dove into the features of the Alliant Kids Savings Account, it became evident why this is touted as one of the best bank accounts for youngsters. It doesn’t merely offer a space to park funds but a comprehensive learning experience.

From teaching the magic of earning interest to the convenience of having your own bank accounts, it’s a holistic package.

With bank fees being a common deterrent across many bank accounts for kids, the absence of monthly maintenance fees here is a genuine relief. While many might reminisce about their first chequing account or checking account, Alliant’s offering ensures the next generation starts even earlier with a savings account.

With youth bank accounts like the HSBC youth savings account or Cibc smart start account gaining popularity, what sets Alliant apart is its emphasis on education. Real-time progress tracking can be a game-changer, showcasing to young account holders how savings grow and the power of compound interest.

In today’s digital age, the capability to deposit checks via a phone or tablet isn’t just a feature; it’s a necessity. While the national bank youth account or Tangerine children’s savings account also offers digital features, Alliant’s step-by-step guidance in teaching digital banking sets it apart.

To wrap it up, if one is looking for more than just a kid’s bank account but an interactive financial classroom, the Alliant Kids Savings Account is impeccable. It combines the ethos of traditional savings accounts with modern-day banking needs, creating a foundation for the financially savvy adults of tomorrow.

Spectrum Credit Union’s MySavings Youth Account

Spectrum Credit Union’s MySavings Youth Account

The Spectrum Credit Union’s MySavings Youth Account shines brightly in a sea of kids savings accounts, promising more than just a place to store money. For youngsters up to 21, this account is about watching their funds grow through the wonders of compound interest.

The Best Features

  • Striking interest rate of 6.77% (7.00% APY) on account balances up to $1,000.
  • No monthly fee is attached, boosting the savings potential.
  • Debit cards are available for account holders aged 13 and above for easy access to funds.
  • Financial education modules like M3 Money Club® and Elements of Money®.
  • Comprehensive college planning insights for a head start on future endeavors.


  • Recognized by Newsweek as the Best Savings Account for Teens.
  • Kids and teens are taught the concept of earning interest early on.
  • No hidden monthly fees or minimum balance requirements.
  • Easy online application process, making it one of the best kids bank accounts available.
  • Array of tools and resources aimed at molding financially savvy youngsters.


  • Limited to one MySavings Youth account holder per member.
  • The interest rate drops to the regular Primary Share Savings rate for balances above $1,000.
  • Mandatory eStatement subscription within 60 days for retaining the high-interest rate.

Why Is the Spectrum Credit Union’s MySavings Youth Account a Good Choice?

In our assessment of the best savings accounts, Spectrum’s MySavings Youth Account invariably tops the list. When we think about a bank account that stores money and makes it grow, this account exemplifies that philosophy. The alluring 6.77% interest on the first $1,000 makes it one of the best kids savings accounts available.

While many kids bank accounts focus merely on saving, Spectrum takes it a notch higher with its financial education modules. From the M3 Money Club® for younger kids to Elements of Money® for teenagers, it’s evident that this credit union is keen on sculpting a financially literate generation.

Contrasting it with accounts, what sets Spectrum apart is its wholesome approach. Be it the ability to withdraw cash via an ATM card at 13 or the insightful college planning tips, it ticks most boxes for parents and guardians seeking the best savings account for their children.

In a nutshell, if you’re hunting for an account that bridges the gap between a children’s bank account and an adult savings account, Spectrum’s MySavings Youth Account effortlessly fits the bill. It’s more than just a kids bank; it’s a financial classroom and growth catalyst combined.

Northpointe Bank’s Kids Savings Account

Northpointe Bank’s Kids Savings Account

Diving into the banking world, Northpointe Bank stands out with its Kids Savings Account. Designed for budding financiers, this account amalgamates a mixture of superior interest rates and user-friendliness that parents would surely appreciate.

The Best Features

  • Competitive interest rates ensure that the money put in will earn interest.
  • User-friendly online and mobile banking experience.
  • The account is FDIC insured up to $250,000, guaranteeing the safety of the funds.
  • Transparent banking with absolutely no hidden charges.


  • Can be initiated with a minimal deposit of just $10.
  • A seamless online experience with mobile banking features allows for a swift cash or check balance withdrawal.
  • Peace of mind with the FDIC insurance.
  • Zero fees across the board, from opening the account to regular maintenance.


  • The absence of a debit card for younger users to experience the utility of one.
  • No specialized programs or features for tailored financial learning.

Why Is the Northpointe Bank’s Kids Savings Account a Good Choice?

The Northpointe Bank’s Kids Savings Account continually caught our eye when we scoured the banking arena for children-focused accounts. Its simplicity and straightforwardness make it stand out. In a world where banks are known to nickel and dime for everything, the absence of fees in this children’s account is a refreshing relief.

Starting the account with as low as $10 allows kids to get their foot in the door of financial management early on. Moreover, as our little account holder grows and learns the ropes of banking, the top-notch online and mobile interface provides a smooth transition into adult checking accounts.

The absence of a debit card could be seen as a setback; however, for very young children, it might also be perceived as a protective measure. Either way, if you’re seeking an uncomplicated, hassle-free savings experience for your child, the Northpointe Bank’s Kids Savings Account is a commendable choice.

Tangerine Children’s Savings Account

Tangerine Children’s Savings Account

In today’s world of finances, teaching kids about savings is of utmost importance. Tangerine offers the solution with their savings account, designed to impart real-time savings lessons to the younger generation.

The Best Features

  • Competitive interest rate of 1.10%, maintained since July 30, 2022.
  • The entire absence of service charges or unfair fees.
  • Unrestrained freedom with no minimum balance criteria.


  • Allows kids to have independent online access with their own Client Number and log in.
  • A consistent rate that remains great regardless of the balance.
  • Zero costs associated with maintaining the account, making it the best bank account option for starting savings.


  • Lack of associated debit cards for kids to learn transaction habits.
  • It does not fall under the credit union category, which some might prefer for community-focused banking.
  • No integrated educational tools or features for a comprehensive financial education.

Why Is the Tangerine Children’s Savings Account a Good Choice?

After exploring numerous bank accounts for kids, the Tangerine Children’s Savings Account left a lasting impression on us. Our initial intrigue came from its unique feature that enables kids to have their own access. This imparts a sense of responsibility and firsthand experience, making them feel more involved in the savings process.

This account isn’t merely a kids bank account; it’s a learning platform. The absence of fees ensures that kids see their savings grow without unnecessary deductions, which can be motivating. And, with a promising 1.10% interest, it’s indeed one of the high-interest savings accounts available for youngsters.

While we did feel that an associated debit card or educational tools could have added a practical touch, the account’s essence lies in its simplicity. It serves as an excellent initiation into the world of finances.

Tangerine’s offering ticks all the right boxes for parents looking for a straightforward, cost-effective children’s savings account without the complexities of joint accounts or checking accounts.

RBC Leo’s Young Savers Account

RBC Leo’s Young Savers Account

Steering kids towards responsible financial habits is crucial, and RBC Leo’s Young Savers Account offers the perfect avenue. Designed with young minds in focus, this account provides a spectrum of features aimed at practical money management for the youth.

The Best Features

  • Unlimited transactions in Canada without any cap.
  • No-cost, limitless Interac e-Transfer dealings.
  • No strings attached with a $0 minimum balance.
  • Hassle-free allowance management with auto-transfer facility for parents and guardians.
  • Money growth with interest accrued on every cent.


  • A seamless avenue for parents to ensure timely allowance with automatic transfer mechanisms.
  • Boosted money skills for kids via the Mydoh app and the Smart Cash Card.
  • Staying on top of transactions becomes easy with free Interac e-Transfer options.
  • Clear understanding of fee structures for non-RBC transactions, making it transparent for users.


  • Transaction fees on non-RBC Royal Bank ATM usage can add up for frequent cash withdrawals.
  • Cross-border debit charges can be a dampener for those making international transactions.
  • Lack of an associated joint account option for combined financial management.

Why Is the RBC Leo’s Young Savers Account a Good Choice?

Our exploration into the bank accounts for kids brought us face-to-face with the RBC Leo’s Young Savers Account, and we were thoroughly impressed. The standout feature was, undoubtedly, the unlimited transactions in Canada, a real boon in an age where frequent dealings are common.

Plus, the zero minimum balance ensures that the account remains hassle-free, without any pressure on the kids to maintain a specific amount.

What truly caught our eye was the Mydoh app paired with the Smart Cash Card. As kids grow, their exposure to digital platforms is inevitable. The app does a fantastic job of balancing this digital exposure with practical money management lessons.

The slight hiccup with the fees on non-RBC transactions is a point to consider. However, the account’s overwhelming positives overshadow this aspect in the grand scheme.

In conclusion, RBC Leo’s Young Savers is a solid contender for youth looking for a reliable, feature-packed savings option.

The Getting There Savings Program® by Scotiabank

The Getting There Savings Program® by Scotiabank

Dipping their toes into the financial world, youngsters often need a supportive platform to lay the foundations of monetary wisdom. Scotiabank’s Getting There Savings Program® emerges as that guiding hand, a financial friend ensuring an early grasp of prudent money management for minors.

The Best Features

  • Designed exclusively for those under 19 years of age.
  • An environment fostering monetary discipline with monthly savings.
  • A plethora of transactional avenues: cheque writing, cash withdrawals, bill payments, and more.
  • Seamless cash withdrawals even outside Canada, courtesy of ATMs of Global ATM Alliance member banks.


  • A zero monthly fee structure makes it a cost-effective solution for minors.
  • Enjoy unrestricted freedom with unlimited debit transactions.
  • There are diverse record-keeping options, all at no extra charge: paperless, passbook, or paper statements.
  • Broadened horizons with Interac*** Direct Payment for debit purchases.


  • Limited appeal for those aged 19 and above.
  • Absence of integration with a broader credit union or Alliant credit union network.
  • No special benefits or incentives for achieving savings milestones.

Why Is the Getting There Savings Program® a Good Choice?

While reviewing the most suitable kids accounts, the Getting There Savings Program® by Scotiabank stood out. The simplicity of the account, combined with its well-structured features, offers the right mix for a young individual.

The option to inculcate a monthly saving habit, complemented by the freedom of unlimited transactions, made us appreciate the account’s flexibility.

We especially admired the global touch, allowing cash withdrawals from member banks of the Global ATM Alliance while traveling outside Canada. This means that access to funds remains unhindered, whether on a school trip or a family vacation.

The account does fall short for those who have crossed the threshold of 19 years, limiting its longevity. However, for its target demographic, it strikes the right chord.

If the aim is to arm the young brigade with a trusted financial companion, The Getting There Savings Program® by Scotiabank is worth considering.

Final Thoughts

Selecting the right account for kids is more than just skimming through interest rates or looking at transaction fees. As we’ve dived deep into the details of some of the best kids’ accounts available, each evidently has unique strengths tailored to specific needs.

Whether it’s the high-interest rate of Tangerine or the specialized features of RBC Leo’s Young Savers Account, there’s an account out there for every young saver.

But How Do You Choose the Right One?

Start with understanding your child’s needs. Scotiabank’s Global ATM Alliance feature might appeal if global access is prioritized.

If teaching money management is the focus, the Getting There Savings Program® offers a structured approach. Ensure that you also consider the age bracket the account caters to, ensuring its utility for a reasonable duration. And, of course, fees and interest rates are undeniably significant, though not the sole deciding factor.

Lastly, involve your child in the decision. After all, it’s their first step into the world of banking. Their perspective might offer insights that could surprise you. Here’s to empowering the next generation with financial wisdom!

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