Best Grow Tents Canada

An indoor little garden sounds amazing, but how can you successfully make your own? Grow tents! They’re uncomplicated and you can easily get one. Furthermore, there are grow tents with characteristics that suit different situations, different tastes, and different goals.

Take a look at our reviews to learn more about the best grow tents.

Best Grow Tents Canada Reviews

  1. Vivosun Grow Tent (Our Top Pick)
  2. BloomGrow Grow Tent
  3. PrimeGarden Grow Tent
  4. Ohuhu Grow Tent
  5. iPower Grow Tent

Vivosun Grow Tent

Vivosun grow tents are among the best on the market and our number #1 pick for the best grow tent.

If you have little space available but want to grow your plants indoors, the Vivosun is a great option because it’s roomy and especially because they’re durable: it’s made of the strongest, top-quality 600D fabric. It’s important to mention that although this tent is spacious if you need more space, you can get larger versions of this model. If you happen to want a smaller grow tent, Vivosun also has smaller versions.

This model invests in keeping both heat and light inside at all costs: it features a dual-layer ventilation opening (the inner layer seals tight around a ventilation fan), it has zippers with double layer black lining, and its corners and seams are double stitched.

The canvas is also supported by a strong metal structure. This doesn’t mean it’s tricky to set it up: on the contrary, all the constituents have the “snap and lock” mechanism, which makes it very easy to assemble, without the need for other tools.

The interior of this grow tent is covered with diamond-patterned reflective mylar film that provides 98% grow light reflection and boosts the output efficiency of any grow tent setup. This means that there’s no waste of light and heat.

The Vivosun grow tent has other great features to make the task of growing plants easier: it has a removable and waterproof floor tray, so cleaning is easy, as well as an inner tool organizer, which is a great way to keep your tools and grow accessories organized. Moreover, you don’t have to unzip the tent to check on your plants – this model has a window through which you can peak.


  • Varied features
  • Easy to build


  • Complex instructions

BloomGrow Grow Tent

BloomGrow 300W Full Spectrum UFO LED Light
The BloomGrow tent is great for you to grow exotic fruits, herbs, vegetables, or seasonal fruits when out of season.

Like Vivosun, the BloomGrow tent’s outside is made of 600D cloth and its inside is covered with 96% highly reflective waterproof “diamond” mylar film – 2% less reflective than the Vivosun tent. Also similarly to Vivosun, this model invested in double stitching for protection against light leaks, as well as large, heavy-duty zippers designed in a way that ensures safety. You might want to keep lubricant at home to prevent the zippers from sticking after some usage.

The BloomGrow tent features multiple vents on three sides to accommodate fans and filters. The vents are round, with mesh, so that you have better ventilation for your plants. It also has plenty of room to hook up exhaust fans and to hang your lights. The poles do, however, flex a bit when attaching heavier gear.

Inline Fan Filter Duct Combo + Hangers + Hygrometer + Shears + 24-hour Timer + Trellis Netting Indoor Grow Tent Complete Kit

Installing this grow tent is overall easy, but make sure that the poles are all the way in the plastic corners (warning: it might take a lot of strength!). The instructions, however, aren’t the best.


  • Good ventilation
  • Roomy


  • Stuck zippers
  • Hard to fit poles into corners

PrimeGarden Grow Tent

PrimeGarden Hydroponics 36''x36''x72'' Indoor Plant Grow Tent
PrimeGarden’s grow tent stands out for the several features and equipment included in the package. This model isn’t much bigger than the ones we’ve reviewed. But this one offers much more growing space. This is thanks to its two separate tiers. It allows you to grow seedlings at the 2-tier small tent, and transfer them to the larger tent after they grow taller.

Like the other grow tents we’ve reviewed so far, the tent is made of heavy-duty 600D oxford cloth. The inside is lined with 96% highly reflective mylar film. Moreover, it features large heavy-duty zippers and double stitching for protection against light leaks. The metal frame on the interior, however, somewhat fragile. It is made of a thin metal tube, with no locking mechanism besides gravity and friction. The corners are thick plastic, similar to all the other grow tents except for Vivosun grow tent.

The PrimeGarden grow tent comes with an analog 24-hour timer (it only has settings for 24 hours, you will need a digital one if you want different times for different days).

A very nice detail about the timer is that it won’t forget your setting when the power goes out. Additionally, the package contains tools that help you take the best care of your plants. This way you can grow healthy such as a rope ratchet hanger that’s perfect for hanging reflectors, light fixtures, carbon filters and ventilation equipment, an ultra-light bonsai straight scissor ideal for cutting and trimming flowers and plants, and a Polyester Plant Trellis Netting that allows plants to thrive and trains plants to grow vertically rather than compete for ground space.


  • Great extra features
  • Separate tiers


  • Fan gets louder
  • Filter doesn’t work fully

Ohuhu Grow Tent

The Ohuhu Growing Tent is relatively large, but it is the smallest of three models. This model allows you to place small plants, gardening tools, and pots and has ample room for all your gardening supplies or plants.

It has a sturdy all-metal frame (like Vivosun); it is structured with heavy-duty rust-resistant tubes for extended durability, however, the tent is also too flimsy – there’s no major support in the middle of the tent where it should have the support.

Like the other models, it’s made from heavy-duty 600D oxford cloth, lasting through seasons, and the interior is covered with 98%-reflective Mylar lining, blocking light from escaping and retaining heat while with the use of plant grow light inside, which allows your plants making full use of growing light source to promote the growth. The tent is equipped with heavy-duty metal zippers and double stitching, which keep the light and the head inside of the tent.

This plant growing tent is also designed with a zippered door and a Velcro see-through side window, great for you to check on your plants without going in, and screened ventilation for optimum air circulation. It’s ideal for starting seedlings, protecting young plants, and for extending the plant growing season.

The Ohuhu Growing Tent has temperature control. It also features a sturdy tubular metal frame construction with heavy-duty support bars, which come in handy if you need to hand 400W to 1000W grow lights.

This model is very easy to build, without the need for tools.
The zipper gets caught in the back flap of extra material, but if you’re easy with it, it should be not a problem.


  • Temperature control
  • Heavy-duty support bars


  • Flimsy structure
  • Zipper gets stuck

iPower Grow Tent

The iPower grow tent is the largest tent of the list and is great for average use.

Its outside is made from heavy-duty 5mm 3-ply vinyl with tear-resistance and its inside is covered in 95%-Percent reflective Mylar interior. The frame structure is all-metal and sturdy, with metal push-lock corners. The frame is rated to handle at least 110lb, which means it’s great for you to hang your grow lights, filters, and fans. The metal frame is coated with powder to protect in high humid environments, however, the metal does rust fast, at times. The zippers are strong and resistant and the corners and seams are double stitched for protection against light leaks.

The iPower grow tent has an open/close window covered with a removable mylar sheet. The window is sealed with transparent plastic, so you can see through and check on your plants without having to go in the tent.
This model has a few nice features that make the life of a plant grower easier such as dual duct adjustable ports that minimize seepage and ventilation ports.

It has a built-in tool pouch made from the same heavy-duty material as the grow tent. This is a great feature because it allows you to keep all your gardening tools in one place, by the plants.

This model is very easy to assemble, like the other grow tents. It’s also very easy to clean because, like the Vivosun and the BloomGrow, it has a removable, water-resistant tray, with security straps to secure spill tray to frame.

The material is, yet, often faulty. The pinholes become quite visible after some use.


  • See-through window
  • Dual duct adjustable ports


  • Pinholes
  • Rust after a while


Growneer grow tent is also a large tent. It is aware of the problem regarding pinholes along the seams and says that they’re trying to find a solution for the matter. For now, they advise using glue to fix tiny pinholes.
The outside of this model is 600D extra-thick canvas and the interior is 95%-reflective, light-proof, and tear-proof mylar film that gives an efficiency boost to lighting setups. The durable fabric, reinforced by the metal structure, provide safety and stability.

The double-stitched corners and seams along with the heavy-duty zippers keep the light and heat inside of the tent. Growneer stresses that they make sure they have the best zippers in the market, however, clients are let down by the average quality of the zippers.

The Growneer grow tent is appreciated for its many access points, its dual cinching duct holes, and its micro mesh pest control pre-filters. These are features that benefit every plant grower, especially beginners.

This model also has an observation window, meaning you can take a peek inside to see your plants and a tool pouch.
There are many reports of lack of quality control, from incorrect poles for this model to damaged poles.


  • Dual cinching duct holes
  • Many access points


  • Fake-high expectations
  • Lack of quality control

So… Which is the Best Grow Tent?

After going through what each of these grow tents offer, the conclusion is that the Vivosun grow tent is the best because it has many very useful features. High-quality materials, and its reflective mylar film with diamond-patterned makes it so unique. Moreover, it’s easy to work with this tent and the brand offers different sizes from which you can choose according to your needs.

What Do I Need to Consider Before Choosing a Grow Tent?

We’ve gone through different models of grow tents, from different brands and with different characteristics. Now, before you decide which one you’re going to purchase, Follow our buyer’s guide below and make an informed decision on what’s the best option for you!


You will have to evaluate the free space in which you want to place the tent. Only after that can you proceed to look for a tent with specific measures. Then, you should access your needs – Are you planning on growing several plants? Are you planning on growing taller or wider plants?

If you’re having trouble deciding, maybe start with a smaller, easy-to-assemble tent. If you need more space, get another small tent, or check our list for a larger tent. Don’t forget that the tent has to be smaller than the space you choose because it’s easier to set up and maintain. Be sure, thus, to measure the length, width, and height of the space you intend to set up the grow tent in.


Height is a very important feature in a grow tent. The height of the tent is a crucial factor when choosing the lighting and growing system you will need. Choose lights that fit in your tent along with the plants. A weak light system will affect the health of your plants and may cause you to harvest low-quality products, but if you choose a small, short tent, you can’t use much lighting, otherwise, you risk burning plant tops.


Tents must be made of the thickest fabric possible. Why? Firstly, because they’re a better investment – if you buy a tent made from thick fabric you won’t have to replace it within months (or weeks, even); and secondly stronger fabrics are more insulated against heat, noise, and smell. Additionally, it keeps any airborne spores, pests, or diseases out of the tent.


It might sound strange, but the zipper – or the quality of the zipper – is extremely important in a grow tent. A faulty or overall weak zipper will cause light leaks and it will also allow insects to get inside, damaging the plants.

Reflective Material

The reflective material on the interior of a grow tent ensures that you’re getting the most out of your indoor grow lights, which means that this is a very important feature of grow tents. The display of the reflective material differs, however. When looking for a grow tent to buy, look for tens that offer reflective mylar film with as close to 100% reflectivity as possible. Moreover, choose a grow tent with diamond-patterned mylar since that pattern seems to be the best one.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I look for in a grow tent?

You need to assess what type of plants you will be using. That information dictates which characteristics you will look for. However, certain features are essential in a good grow tent. Efficient zippers, sturdy frame, thick fabric (600D and up), and high-quality reflective material (preferably close to 100%-reflective diamond-patterned mylar film) are important.

How tall should the grow tent be?

That depends firstly on the designated space for the grow tent. Then, it depends on the plants – whether their tall species or not –, and lastly on the type of lights you have. If your lighting system is strong, consider a taller tent so you don’t burn the top of your plants.

What are the best grow lights?

You need lights that emit enough light to cover the whole tent. Full-spectrum grow lights are the best. You can almost equal the quality of sunlight with grow lights if you only use full-spectrum bulbs

How big should my grow tent be if I want to have 4 plants?

Generally speaking, the measurement for grow tents is the following: 2’×2’ Grow Tent=1-2 Plants; 3’×3’ Grow Tent = 3-4 Plants; 4’×4’ Grow Tent = 4-5 Plants; 5’×5’ Grow Tent = 5-6 Plants. So, for example, for 1 plant get a 24″x24″x48″ grow tent and for 6 plants get a 60″x60″x80” grow tent.

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