Safety, security, peace of mind. These characteristics are what you will gain by purchasing the proper baby monitors. We know your baby’s safety is your top priority. We have researched numerous monitors and have come up with the seven best monitors available in Canada for your baby’s nursery that will keep you alerted and ultimately keep your baby safe.

Our Top 7 Baby Monitors in Canada

  1. VTech SM111 Safe and Sound Baby Monitor (Our Top Pick)
  2. TimeFlys Camry Baby Monitor
  3. Philips Avent SCD 720/86 Baby Monitor
  4. GHB Baby Monitor
  5. Campark Baby Monitor
  6. VTech VM5262
  7. Panasonic Long-Range Baby Monitor

Our Top 7 Baby Monitors Reviewed

As we were reviewing baby monitors available in Canada, they had to meet several criteria to make a list. First, they had to have great customer reviews. Next, we looked for products that would last a decent amount of time. If a parent is going to purchase a baby monitor for security, we want to ensure it will last. Finally, we looked for baby monitors that we thought would be the most secure and offer the greatest peace of mind. After researching multiple baby monitors, here are the top seven baby monitors available in Canada.

VTech DM111 Safe and Sound Baby Monitor

This VTech SM111 Safe and Sound Baby Monitor is a digital, audio-only baby monitor with one transmitter and one receiver. Offering DECT 6.0 technology, it has a range of 1000 feet with an out of range indicator and power light. The volume control has five different levels of sound with LED signal indicator lights. There is a power cable for both the transmitter and receiver but also has the opportunity to run on 2 AAA batteries.

Our Take

Although this monitor doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles like the Panasonic Long-Range Baby Monitor, it will get the job done. The least expensive monitor on this list, the units are very lightweight and easily portable for travelling. Similar to the Camry baby monitor, a belt clip is included on the receiver, which is convenient so you can move and work about while the baby is sleeping. It has a bright, static-free sound that picks up the baby’s crying, snores, and coos. This device does eliminate background noise to give a more direct sound.

The only downfall we see with this product is that the battery life is only about 5-6 hours. Using rechargeable batteries will help the budget, but also leaving the receiver plugged in when not moving will help as well.


  • Clear sound
  • Portable
  • Data encrypted for safety


  • Short battery life
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TimeFlys Camry Baby Monitor

Another digital baby monitor, the TimeFlys Camry Baby Monitor, is an audio-only monitor. It is interference-free as Timeflys offers 36 channels for the monitor to work with. A lithium rechargeable battery powers the parent device for 12-15 hours. A micro USB connection allows charging on any charger. This device has a low battery and out of range alarm. The range is 150 feet indoor and 1000 feet outdoor.

Our Take

This device is just one step above the VTech DM111. It offers two-way communication, which is soothing to the baby and an attached night light to calm the baby. The VTech DM111 does not provide these features. We like that both units have a belt clip and that they are portable. They are easily packed up and can be taken on vacation. The unique sound alert ensures you hear your baby when in the other room.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you keep the parent unit plugged in all the time, the lithium battery will become charger dependent and not work without it. It will prevent you from being able to take the parent unit into different rooms or even outdoors.


  • Two way communication
  • Night light attached to baby unit
  • Rechargeable battery included


  • Could become charger dependent
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Philips Avent SCD 720/86 Baby Monitor

Another 2-way communication monitor, the Philips Avent SCD 720/86 Baby Monitor, is even more advanced than the Camry and is also an audio-only monitor. This baby monitor has the ability to play lullabies and monitors the room temperature in the baby’s room. It has a range of 1000 feet outside and 160 feet inside. On the parent device, there is a LED light to show connection.

SmartEco technology minimizes audio transmissions to increase battery life. The battery life can last up to 18 hours. The parent unit is charged through a docking station. The baby unit is designed to be consistently plugged in. However, it can take 2 AA batteries and will run on them in case of a power outage.

Our Take

Similar to the VTech DM111, this device has DECT technology. We think this technology is important because it cuts out interference and gives you a secure, private connection. This is our favourite audio-only monitor on the list. The extra features on this device make it stand out against the VTech DM111 and the TImeFlys Camry. The lullabies are a great way to put the baby to sleep.

The LED lights on the parent unit can dim with a special night mode. That prevents the harsh lights shining on you while you are trying to sleep. The vibration notifications are convenient for heavy sleepers or hard of hearing parents. This unit is portable, meaning great for vacation, as long as you have access to electricity. Our favourite feature of this monitor is the backup battery option on the baby unit in case of a power outage. It provides peace of mind for parents.


  • Plays lullabies
  • Backup battery in case of emergency
  • Special night mode on parent unit
  • DECT technology


  • Vibration mode is not strong
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GHB Baby Monitor

A wireless, video and audio monitor, this monitor offers 2-way communication. The GHB Baby Monitor has an LCD 3.2-inch night vision camera. A high sensitivity microphone allows you to hear the baby in different rooms. There is a low battery warning. The battery is large capacity and rechargeable. This device has an automatic VOX power-saving mode. VOX stands for Voice Operate eXchange. Basically, what it does is that it turns the display off on the parent unit to save battery and then turns it on when the microphone picks up a sound. It has eight levels of sound and eight different lullabies it can play to soothe the baby.

Our Take

Like the Phillips Avent baby monitor, this monitor has temperature monitoring on the parent unit to ensure your baby is sleeping at a comfortable temperature. As this is our first video and audio baby monitor on the list, this middle of the range audio and visual monitor has night vision capabilities. This allows you to see a clear picture of your baby when the bedroom is dark. The camera must be plugged in to operate. With the video aspect of this baby monitor, it is not as easily transported. The camera can be mounted on a wall, which makes it hard to pack up for vacation.

The slim design and stand on the parent unit makes it easy to move about the house up to a 250-metre range.


  • Night vision video
  • Temperature monitoring


  • Not easily portable
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Campark Baby Monitor

Offering two cameras and one parent unit, the Campark Baby Monitor provides wireless video and audio. With infrared night vision, this monitor has VOX technology, lullabies, zooming capabilities, and a feeding clock. Although this baby monitor comes with two cameras, it is capable of connecting four cameras. It has temperature monitoring, plug and play connectivity, and a high capacity battery. Providing a secure, interference-free connection, this monitor provides high definition and stable streaming with crystal clear digital vision and sound. There is a range of 200m/660ft-300m/1000ft.

Our Take

These baby monitors just keep getting more and more features. This monitor offers more features than any other monitor so far on the list. Some of these features include the ability to zoom and a feeding clock for monitoring the babies feeding. When you purchase this unit, you get two cameras and one parent unit. This is nice because you can see two different rooms.

Although you get two cameras, you can connect up to four cameras at one time. One of the downfalls of this monitor is that you have to switch between each camera view, including cameras three and four, that may not even be connected. Campark offers 24-hour customer support, as well.


  • Multiple cameras
  • Feeding clock
  • Improved battery life


  • Can’t switch easily between two cameras
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VTech VM5262

With a 5” digital video view and high resolution, this VTech VM5262 baby monitor has numerous features. The camera has a pan and tilt camera that produces a full-colour picture. It has temperate monitoring and a split-screen option to see multiple cameras at once. The rechargeable battery and can flip through three cameras.

This monitor has up to 1,000 feet range and a secure digital transmission. There is two-way communication and plays four soothing sounds and five lullabies. A wall mount bracket allows the camera to be mounted to a wall instead of just being put on a table.

Our Take

This full-featured baby monitor shines with its display. A 5” screen that is fully coloured has a great quality picture that can split the screen and see three cameras at once or a single camera at a time. The vibrating alert is hard enough to wake a heavy sleeper. The four soothing sounds and five lullabies can peacefully put your baby to sleep.

White noise, trickling stream, and Brahms lullaby are examples of some of the sounds that will calm the baby. These sounds are a great benefit to monitoring your baby, just like the Panasonic Long-Range Baby Monitor and the Campark Baby Monitor.

A downfall of this monitor is battery life, similar to the other VTech baby monitor, after charging, this monitor only lasts five hours.


  • Soothing sounds and lullabies
  • Split screen
  • Pan, tilt camera


  • Low battery light
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Panasonic Long Range Baby Monitor (KXHN3051)

Offering a range of 1500 feet, this Panasonic Long-Range Baby Monitor has a secure and interference-free connection. It uses DECT technology with a long-lasting battery. The battery life is thirteen hours on standby mode (audio only) or five hours of continuous operations. This baby monitor has two-way communication with a camera that has night vision as well as pan, tilt, and zoom.

Our Take

This is our favourite video and audio monitor on the list. Its smart alerts are accurate and come on time. The smart alerts notify the parent unit when it senses motion, temperature, and sound changes. Like most of the devices on this list, the two-way communication is convenient to talk with the baby without entering the bedroom.

The gentle, soothing sounds peacefully put the baby to sleep without being annoying. There are five types of white noise and a selection of lullabies that will lull the baby to sleep deeper and encourage a more restful sleep.

This is the brightest coloured monitor on the list.


  • Brightly coloured display
  • Smart alerts automatically
  • DECT technology


  • Flimsy charging port
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A Buyer’s Guide for Your Baby Monitors

When shopping for baby monitors, it is important to choose the best one, the one that will help you keep your baby the safest. When searching for baby monitors, there are two types of monitors that offer several features. In addition to the features, there are several questions you should ask yourself before purchasing a baby monitor. Below lists the types of monitors, the features offered by the monitors, and questions you should ask yourself when purchasing a baby monitor.

Type of Monitors

Before looking into what features you’d like in a baby monitor, you need to know what kind of monitor you’d like. Generally, there are two types: audio or audio and video. In an audio baby monitor, you get very basic features such as audio-only. An audio monitor can be digital as well. A digital audio monitor has several positive aspects, including minimizing background noise and encrypted transmissions to prevent being picked up by other receivers. These encrypted transmissions add extra security and safety to the use of baby monitors.

A video and audio monitor allows you to watch and hear what is going on in your baby’s nursery. In addition to the aspects of audio monitors, video monitors allow you to see your baby. When looking for a video and audio monitor, be sure to make sure it has night vision. You want a clear picture of your baby even when the room is dark.


There are several features to look for when purchasing a baby monitor. The first feature to look for is DECT. This technology is used in cordless telephones. It is a radio technology that uses division multiple access to transmit signals. This technology is perfect for small areas, such as houses and apartments. It is a low-frequency bond that is for voice-only communication. This sounds confusing and overwhelming; however, it is a feature that ensures secure communication. Another feature to look for is a rechargeable battery. A rechargeable battery is ideal for keeping to any budget you have set.

Built-in rechargeable batteries help maintain the life of the monitor. VOX is a great feature that will help keep your battery life long. The next feature is the night vision. We have already briefly touched on this feature, but for video monitors, night vision is a necessary feature. If you have a video monitor that does not have night vision, the monitoring at night will be useless unless you leave a light on in the baby’s room.

The final feature to look for is alerts and sound activation. The type of alerts to look for include vibration, lights, and sound. These alerts will show you and notify you of your babies’ noises, movements, and even the temperature of the room.


There are several questions to ask yourself when researching and contemplating baby monitors. The first question is about range. What range will you need on your monitor? If you plan to move around a lot, you want a longer range. The next question is, how long will you use it? If you only plan to use it for a few months, you want to consider the amount of money you will be investing in the monitor. The final question to ask yourself is, is your home likely to experience frequency interference? If it is, then be sure to get a very secure device.


Your baby’s safety and security are one of your top priorities’ and purchasing the proper monitor is vital. We know this can be overwhelming. However, we hope our list of top baby monitors and buyer’s guide will give you the knowledge to purchase the best monitor for you and give you peace of mind. This is just one of the important decisions you will make in regards to your baby.

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