The 7 Best Baby Monitors in Canada

Safety, security, peace of mind. You will gain these characteristics by purchasing the best baby monitors in Canada.

We know your baby’s safety is your top priority. We have researched numerous monitors and have come up with the seven best monitors available in Canada for your baby’s nursery that will keep you alert and keep your baby safe.

Our Top 7 Baby Monitors Reviewed

As we reviewed baby monitors available in Canada, they had to meet several criteria to make a list.

First, they had to have great customer reviews. Next, we looked for products that would last a decent amount of time. If a parent purchases a baby monitor for security, we want to ensure it will last.

Finally, we looked for baby monitors that we thought would be the most secure and offer the greatest peace of mind.

After researching multiple baby monitors, here are Canada’s top seven baby monitors.

VTech DM111 Safe and Sound Baby Monitor

VTech DM111 Safe and Sound Baby Monitor

This VTech SM111 Safe and Sound Baby Monitor is a digital, audio-only baby monitor with one transmitter and one receiver. Offering DECT 6.0 technology, it has a range of 1000 feet with an out-of-range indicator and power light.

The volume control has five different sound levels with LED signal indicator lights. There is a power cable for both the transmitter and receiver, but it also has the opportunity to run on 2 AAA batteries.

Our Take

Although this monitor doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, it will get the job done. The least expensive monitor on this list, the units are lightweight and easily portable for traveling.

Similar to the Camry baby monitor, a belt clip is included on the receiver, which is convenient so you can move and work while the baby is sleeping.

It has a bright, static-free sound picks up the baby’s crying, snores, and coos. This device does eliminate background noise to give a more direct sound.

The only downfall we see with this product is the battery life of only about 5-6 hours. Using rechargeable batteries will help the budget, but leaving the receiver plugged in when not moving will also help.


  • Clear sound
  • Portable
  • Data encrypted for safety


  • Short battery life

Sense-U Smart Baby Monitor 3 with Real-time Notifications

Sense-U Smart Baby Monitor 3 with Real-time Notifications

Sense-U Smart Baby Monitor 3 is the epitome of smart parenting in the digital age. This device offers non-stop monitoring of your baby’s abdominal movement, ensuring your little one is always safe.

Its ability to offer real-time notifications and varied color options such as multi, grey, pink, blue, white, green, black, brown, and orange make this device a favorite amongst vigilant parents.

Key Features

  • Non-stop monitoring of abdominal movement
  • Rollover detection
  • Real-time notifications
  • Available in multiple color options


  • It gives you peace of mind with continuous monitoring
  • Immediate rollover alerts help prevent potential risks
  • Receive updates straight to your device with real-time notifications
  • Plenty of color options to match nursery decor


  • Needs constant internet connectivity for real-time notifications
  • Abdominal movement detection may not always be accurate

Why the Sense-U Smart Baby Monitor 3 Is a Good Choice?

The Sense-U Smart Baby Monitor 3 is a superior choice for parents seeking comprehensive oversight of their baby’s activities. We appreciate the non-stop monitoring feature, which offers real-time insights into our baby’s movements.

Its wide range of color options allows it to blend effortlessly into any nursery decor, further adding to its appeal.

Though dependent on reliable internet connectivity, the real-time notifications feature ensures that we’re constantly updated about our baby’s wellbeing.

Despite minor shortcomings, such as occasional inaccuracies in abdominal movement detection, the benefits greatly outweigh these issues.

In conclusion, the Sense-U Smart Baby Monitor 3 is an investment worth considering for the safety and reassurance it provides.

Philips Avent Digital Video Baby Monitor

Philips Avent Digital Video Baby Monitor

The Philips Avent Digital Video Baby Monitor is a state-of-the-art device that offers a secure, private connection to your baby through a 3.5″ color screen.

This monitor is designed with the utmost convenience, as it’s wall-mountable and equipped with automatic infrared night vision.

It also includes thoughtful features to soothe your little one, like the talkback feature, a night light, and lullabies, all while keeping track of the room’s temperature.

Key Features

  • 3.5″ color screen for clear visuals
  • Wall-mountable design for convenience
  • Automatic infrared night vision for 24/7 monitoring
  • Talkback feature, night light, and lullabies to comfort the baby
  • Temperature monitoring for a comfortable environment
  • Voice activation mode for hands-free operation


  • Provides a secure, private connection to your baby
  • The wall-mountable design ensures a comprehensive view of the room
  • Infrared night vision allows for continuous monitoring, day or night
  • Comforting features like talkback, night light, and lullabies can soothe the baby
  • Temperature monitoring ensures your baby’s environment is always optimal


  • It may require a power outlet nearby due to the wall-mountable design
  • Lithium Ion batteries are required, which may need periodic replacement

Why the Philips Avent Digital Video Baby Monitor Is a Good Choice?

The Philips Avent Digital Video Baby Monitor is reliable for ensuring your child’s safety and comfort. We were particularly drawn to the monitor’s secure, private connection, ensuring your baby’s privacy is always respected.

The automatic infrared night vision was another standout feature, allowing us to monitor our little one regardless of the time of day.

Furthermore, the additional comforting features like the talkback system, night light, and lullabies, coupled with the temperature monitoring, demonstrate a thoughtful design to provide a comfortable environment for babies.

Though the requirement for Lithium Ion batteries and a nearby power outlet may be a consideration for some, we found these to be minor inconveniences compared to the peace of mind this monitor brings.

BOIFUN Baby Monitor, 360° AI Detection & Alarm

BOIFUN Baby Monitor, 360° AI Detection & Alarm

The BOIFUN Baby Monitor steps into the realm of advanced baby monitoring with its 360° AI Detection and Alarm system.

Notably, it includes a mobile app remote control and an LCD monitor, ensuring your baby’s safety whether you’re home or on the go.

Packing a full HD 1920x1080P resolution, a high-performance CMOS sensor, and a 3.6 mm lens, it allows you to see even the slightest movements of your baby, even in low light conditions.

Key Features

  • 300m signal coverage LCD monitor and mobile app control
  • Full HD 1920x1080P resolution, high-performance CMOS sensor, and 3.6 mm lens
  • 355° horizontal and 90° vertical rotation with 4x zoom
  • Multiple smart detections, including motion detection, cry detection, and noise detection
  • 3000mAh high-density and large-capacity battery
  • Supports two-way voice, lullaby, screen capture, screen recording, video playback, SD card & cloud storage
  • Feeding reminder, temperature, and humidity detection


  • Provides a strong 300m signal coverage to stay connected to your baby
  • Full HD resolution and sensitive sensor ensures clear vision, even in low light
  • 360° AI Detection helps in monitoring baby’s movements precisely
  • High-capacity battery supports long hours of usage without frequent charging
  • Two-way voice features and lullabies make comforting your baby easy
  • Feeding reminders, temperature, and humidity detection add to the overall convenience


  • Requires consistent Wi-Fi connection for mobile app control
  • May need periodic software updates for optimal performance

Why the BOIFUN Baby Monitor Is a Good Choice?

The BOIFUN Baby Monitor is an exceptionally efficient tool for parents seeking comprehensive and advanced baby monitoring.

The 300m signal coverage and mobile app control provide peace of mind whether you’re home or away.

The 360° AI Detection feature thoroughly impressed us, as it allowed for meticulous tracking of our baby’s movements.

Coupled with the full HD resolution, we could monitor even in low light conditions, ensuring round-the-clock safety. The high-capacity battery further increased its utility, minimizing the need for constant charging.

This monitor caters to modern parents ‘ needs with additional features like two-way voice, lullabies, feeding reminders, and temperature and humidity detection.

Despite the requirement for stable Wi-Fi and potential software updates, we believe the benefits of the BOIFUN Baby Monitor far outweigh these minor inconveniences.

Baby Monitor, 3.5″ Screen Video Baby Monitor

Baby Monitor, 3.5" Screen Video Baby Monitor

The 3.5″ Screen Video Baby Monitor introduces you to a hassle-free way of keeping an eye on your baby.

The clear, high-quality picture on the 3.5-inch parent unit ensures you can always check on your baby.

The device boasts a 2x digital zoom-in function and a remote control baby camera that rotates 355° horizontally and 120° vertically. It also has automatic night vision and a big 1200mAh battery for all-night monitoring.

Key Features

  • 3.5-inch screen with high-quality picture
  • 2x digital zoom-in function and remote control baby camera
  • Infrared lights for automatic night vision
  • High-capacity 1200mAh battery
  • Two-way audio conversations
  • Room temperature monitoring
  • 2.4GHz FHSS Technology for a stable, hack-free connection
  • VOX mode for power saving
  • 960ft long range for wide coverage


  • The 3.5-inch screen offers clear, high-quality visuals
  • The remote control camera can rotate for an extensive view of the baby’s surroundings
  • Infrared night vision ensures clear visuals even in low light
  • The high-capacity battery allows for continuous monitoring
  • Two-way audio allows for comforting conversations with your baby
  • The room temperature monitoring ensures a comfortable environment
  • Provides a hack-free connection with 2.4GHz FHSS Technology
  • VOX mode helps conserve battery life


  • The device requires a stable Wi-Fi connection for optimal performance
  • The camera rotation might be noisy and could disturb a sleeping baby

Why the 3.5″ Screen Video Baby Monitor Is a Good Choice?

The 3.5″ Screen Video Baby Monitor is an exceptional solution for parents seeking comprehensive baby monitoring.

Its 3.5-inch screen and 2x digital zoom-in function provide crystal clear, up-close views of your baby. We were particularly impressed by the infrared night vision, which allowed us to monitor our baby in low-light conditions.

The high-capacity battery ensured uninterrupted surveillance, while the two-way audio allowed for soothing interactions with our baby from any corner of the house.

Though the requirement for a stable Wi-Fi connection and the potential noise from the rotating camera should be considered, we found these to be minor concerns given the monitor’s extensive features.

In conclusion, we believe that the 3.5″ Screen Video Baby Monitor provides excellent value for its cost.

VTech VM5262

VTech VM5262

With a 5” digital video view and high resolution, this VTech VM5262 baby monitor has numerous features. The camera has a pan and tilt camera that produces a full-color picture.

It has temperate monitoring and a split-screen option to see multiple cameras simultaneously. The rechargeable battery can flip through three cameras.

This monitor has up to 1,000 feet range and a secure digital transmission. There is two-way communication, and plays four soothing sounds and five lullabies.

A wall mount bracket allows the camera to be mounted to a wall instead of being put on a table.

Our Take

This full-featured baby monitor shines with its display. A 5” screen that is fully colored has a great quality picture that can split the screen and see three cameras at once or a single camera at a time.

The vibrating alert is hard enough to wake a heavy sleeper. The four soothing sounds and five lullabies can peacefully put your baby to sleep.

White noise, trickling stream, and Brahms lullaby are some sounds that will calm the baby. These sounds are a great benefit to monitoring your baby.

A downfall of this monitor is battery life; similar to the other VTech baby monitor, after charging, this monitor only lasts five hours.


  • Soothing sounds and lullabies
  • Split screen
  • Pan, tilt camera


  • Low battery light

Nooie 2K Baby Monitor with Phone App

Nooie 2K Baby Monitor with Phone App

The Nooie 2K Baby Monitor with Phone App offers top-tier baby monitoring technology, enhancing your ability to ensure your child’s safety.

The monitor provides 2K resolution imaging, ensuring you don’t miss a single detail. Even in a pitch-black room, the night vision extends up to 32ft. It also offers an impressive 360° view rotation, enabling you to monitor your baby’s movements comprehensively.

Key Features

  • 2K resolution indoor camera with night vision up to 32ft
  • 360° view rotation for comprehensive coverage
  • Real-time motion and sound alerts
  • Built-in noise-canceling mic and speaker for two-way communication
  • Easy setup via the Nooie app
  • Supports multiple security protocols and SD card storage up to 128GB


  • Offers high-resolution 2K imaging for clear visuals
  • The 360° view rotation provides an extensive coverage area
  • Real-time motion and sound alerts keep you updated on your baby’s activities
  • Two-way communication enabled by the built-in noise-cancelling mic and speaker
  • Easy setup and control via the Nooie app
  • Ensures data and privacy security with multiple security protocols
  • SD card storage allows for local storage of footage


  • Requires a stable Wi-Fi connection for smooth functioning
  • May need frequent software updates for optimal performance

Why the Nooie 2K Baby Monitor with Phone App Is a Good Choice?

The Nooie 2K Baby Monitor is a remarkable addition to any home, providing comprehensive and high-quality baby monitoring.

The 2K resolution and night vision capability impressed us, ensuring we never missed any important moments, even in the darkest conditions. The 360° view rotation added to its coverage, tracking every movement.

We found the real-time motion and sound alerts very useful for staying updated on our baby’s activities.

Despite the requirement for stable Wi-Fi and possible software updates, the Nooie 2K Baby Monitor, with its advanced features and easy setup via the Nooie app, is undoubtedly a smart choice for modern parents.

A Buyer’s Guide for Your Baby Monitors

Modern baby monitor on table in room

When shopping for baby monitors, it is essential to choose the best one that will help you keep your baby the safest. When searching for baby monitors, two types of monitors offer several features.

In addition to the features, there are several questions you should ask yourself before purchasing a baby monitor.

Below are lists of the types of monitors, the features offered by the monitors, and questions you should ask yourself when buying a baby monitor.

Type of Monitors

Before looking into what features you’d like in a baby monitor, you need to know what kind of monitor you’d like.

Generally, there are two types: audio or audio and video. You get fundamental features such as audio-only in an audio baby monitor. An audio monitor can be digital as well.

A digital audio monitor has several positive aspects, including minimizing background noise and encrypted transmissions to prevent being picked up by other receivers. These encrypted transmissions add extra security and safety to baby monitors.

A video and audio monitor lets you watch and hear what is happening in your baby’s nursery. In addition to audio monitors, video monitors will enable you to see your baby.

When looking for a video and audio monitor, be sure to make sure it has night vision. You want a clear picture of your baby even when the room is dark.


There are several features to look for when purchasing a baby monitor. The first feature to look for is DECT. This technology is used in cordless telephones. It is a radio technology that uses division multiple access to transmit signals.

This technology is perfect for small areas, such as houses and apartments. It is a low-frequency bond that is for voice-only communication. This sounds confusing and overwhelming; however, it is a feature that ensures secure communication.

Another feature to look for is a rechargeable battery. A rechargeable battery is ideal for keeping to any budget you have set.

Built-in rechargeable batteries help maintain the life of the monitor. VOX is a great feature that will help keep your battery life long.

The next feature is night vision. We have already briefly touched on this feature, but for video monitors, night vision is a necessary feature. If you have a video monitor that does not have night vision, the monitoring at night will be useless unless you leave a light on in the baby’s room.

The final feature to look for is alerts and sound activation. The alerts to look for include vibration, lights, and sound. These alerts will show you and notify you of your babies’ noises, movements, and even room temperature.


There are several questions to ask yourself when researching and contemplating baby monitors. The first question is about range. What range will you need on your monitor? You want a longer range if you plan to move around a lot.

The next question is, how long will you use it? If you only plan to use it for a few months, you want to consider the budget you will be investing in the monitor

The final question is, is your home likely to experience frequency interference? If it is, then be sure to get a very secure device.


In the parenting journey, baby monitors and baby formulas have become indispensable aids, providing essential support and reassurance.

Your baby’s safety and security are among your top priorities, and purchasing the proper monitor is vital. We know this can be overwhelming.

However, we hope our list of top baby monitors and buyer’s guide will give you the knowledge to purchase the best monitor for you and provide you with peace of mind. This is just one of the critical decisions you will make regarding your baby.

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