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Donate a Mattress in Canada

When replacing an old mattress, it’s essential to consider more than just its disposal. Throwing away an old mattress is not only wasteful but can also harm the environment. Instead, donating the bed to a charitable organization or local shelter can benefit others in need while reducing waste.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the benefits of mattress donation and provide information on where and how to donate your old mattress. We’ll also cover common concerns, like bed bugs and steel springs, to ensure a successful and safe mattress donation experience.

The Need for Mattress Donations in Canada

Donating a gently used mattress to a local charity or a furniture bank can make a significant difference in the lives of those in need. Unfortunately, homelessness remains a challenge in Canada, and many low-income families struggle to afford necessities like furniture.

National organizations like the Furniture Bank and Habitat for Humanity work to provide donated furniture to those who need it most.

Additionally, mattress recycling has become more common, with many recycling facilities and centers accepting entire mattresses. Donating an unwanted mattress can help reduce the amount of waste in landfills and provide someone else with a comfortable place to sleep.

Plus, with online platforms like Facebook Marketplace, connecting with local charities and individuals who may need a gently used mattress is easier than ever.

Where to Donate a Mattress in Canada

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When donating a mattress to a registered charity in Canada, it’s essential to ensure it’s in good shape and meets quality standards. Many charitable organizations accept gently used mattresses and other household items.

The Salvation Army, Goodwill Industries, Habitat for Humanity ReStores, and Furniture Banks are all examples of national organizations that accept mattress donations. In addition, local shelters and donation centers may also accept mattresses, especially for those affected by domestic violence.

To ensure your mattress is in good condition, consider cleaning it with baking soda or other household cleaners before donating. Additionally, online directories like Donation Town make it easy to find socially responsible organizations that accept mattress donations.

If you want to make some extra cash, online platforms like Facebook Marketplace and Kijiji allow you to sell your gently used mattress or donate it to someone needing a new bed. By contributing your mattress, you can help others achieve better sleep and improve their home decor while positively impacting your community.

How to Donate Mattresses in Canada

Before donating old mattresses, it’s essential to prepare them properly to ensure that it’s in good condition. Here are some steps to take before granting a mattress:

Preparation before Donating a Mattress

  1. Cleaning and sanitizing the mattress: Use a vacuum cleaner to remove any dust or debris, and sanitize the mattress with a disinfectant spray to kill bacteria or bed bugs.
  2. Checking for damages and stains: Inspect the mattress for any cracks, dyes, or tears. Donating a bed that’s in poor condition may not be accepted by local charities or furniture banks, and you can check out some scrap metal options near you that may have a use for these or may take your used memory foam.
  3. Removing bedding and accessories: Remove all bedding, including sheets, pillows, mattress toppers, and accessories like bed frames or box springs.

Donation Requirements and Restrictions

  1. Mattress size and condition: Most donation centers and charities accept gently used mattresses in good condition, without any significant damages or stains. Some may also have specific size requirements, so check before heading for the donated mattresses section.
  2. Delivery and pickup options: Some organizations and recycling facility centers offer pickup services for more oversized items like mattresses, while others may require you to drop off the mattress yourself. Check with the organization for their specific requirements.
  3. Tax receipts and donation acknowledgments: Many organizations will provide a tax receipt or donation acknowledgment for donated mattresses. Be sure to ask for one when donating to claim a tax deduction.

Tips for Proper Mattress Disposal in Canada

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If your mattress is no longer suitable for donation, you must dispose of it properly. Here are some tips for proper mattress disposal in Canada:

Check local recycling programs: Many cities and towns across Canada have recycling programs that accept mattresses. Check with your local recycling center or waste management department to see if they take mattresses and the specific requirements.

Consider mattress recycling: Mattress recycling facilities can break down the different components of a mattress, such as steel springs and foam, and recycle them separately. You can also ask them to check your old bed for pickup. This helps to reduce waste in landfills and conserve natural resources.

Contact a mattress disposal service: If you cannot transport your old bed or entire mattress to a recycling center or landfill, consider contacting a mattress disposal service. These services can pick up your old mattress and dispose of it properly for a fee.

Don’t abandon your mattress: Dumping a mattress or your old bed on the side of the road or in a dumpster is illegal and can also harm the environment and create an eyesore. Always dispose of your mattress correctly to avoid penalties or negative impacts on your community. Check out the mattress recycling center near you.

By following these tips, you can ensure a successful and safe mattress donation experience, helping to provide someone in need with a comfortable place to sleep while reducing mattress waste in landfills.

Benefits of Mattress Donations

Donating a mattress can benefit those in need and the environment. Here are some of the benefits of donation:

Helping Those in Need

These donations can provide individuals and families with a comfortable place to sleep, especially those who can’t afford a new mattress or other household goods. In addition, many non-profits and other organizations provide mattresses and other donations to those in need, often for a small fee or no cost.

Reducing Mattress Waste and Environmental Impact

Mattress waste can significantly impact the environment, as materials like foam, metal, and fabric can take years to decompose in landfills. Donating your mattress can help reduce waste and positively impact the environment.

Tax Benefits and Cost Savings

Donating a mattress may also come with tax benefits, as many organizations will provide a tax receipt or donation acknowledgment. Additionally, donating your bed rather than disposing of it can save you money on disposal fees, especially if disposing of a mattress is a last resort.

Donating your mattress can make a difference in someone’s life while reducing waste and positively impacting the environment. Plus, you can give someone a better night’s sleep by ensuring your mattress is in good condition before donating.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mattress Donations in Canada

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If you’re considering donating a mattress in Canada, you may have questions about the donation process. Here are some frequently asked questions about mattress donations:

What Condition Does the Mattress Need to be in to Donate It?

Most donation centers and charities accept gently used mattresses in good condition, without significant damage or stains. However, donating a mattress in poor condition may not be accepted by local charities or furniture banks.

It’s always a good idea to check with the organization beforehand to ensure your donated mattress meets their standards.

How can I Donate if I Don’t have a Vehicle?

If you don’t have access to a vehicle, some organizations and recycling centers offer pickup services for oversized items like mattresses. Check with the organization beforehand to see if they accept mattresses and whether they offer pickup services in specific locations.

Alternatively, you can use city recycling programs or local recycling centers to dispose of your mattress responsibly.

Can I Giveaway a Mattress that is not a Standard Size?

Some organizations may accept non-standard-sized mattresses, while others may have size restrictions. Therefore, checking with the organization beforehand is best to ensure they accept your donated mattress size.

How Long Does it Take to Receive a Tax Receipt for a Mattress Donation?

Many organizations will provide a tax receipt or acknowledgment for mattress donations. The time to receive a tax receipt may vary depending on the organization, but it’s generally within a few weeks of the donation.

Donating a mattress can help those in need and reduce mattress waste in landfills. If you have any other questions about mattress donation or disposal, consider contacting local charities or recycling programs. By donating your mattress responsibly, you can make a positive impact on your community and the environment.


Donating a mattress in Canada can significantly impact the lives of those in need and the environment. Donating a gently used mattress to a local charity or furniture bank can help provide a comfortable place to sleep for someone who may not have had one before.

Also, properly disposing of your old mattress can reduce landfill waste and conserve natural resources.

Summary of the Key Points Discussed in the Blog Post

This blog post highlighted the need for mattress donations in Canada and how they can benefit those in need. We also discussed various organizations and platforms where you can donate you gently used mattress to help others, such as the Salvation Army, Goodwill Industries, Habitat for Humanity ReStores, furniture banks, and local donation centers.

Moreover, we provided tips on preparing your mattress for donation, such as cleaning and sanitizing the mattress, checking for damages and stains, and removing bedding and accessories.

We also addressed some frequently asked questions about mattress donations, including the condition required, how to donate without a vehicle, and whether non-standard-sized mattresses can be donated.

Finally, we shared tips for proper mattress disposal, including checking local recycling programs, considering mattress recycling, contacting a mattress disposal service, and avoiding abandoning your mattress. By following these guidelines, you can positively impact your community and the environment by donating your mattress responsibly and sustainably.

We hope this blog post has provided helpful information and encouraged you to consider donating your gently used mattress to those in need or disposing of your old mattress properly. Together, we can make a difference and create a better future for everyone.

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