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Does Canada Post Deliver on Weekends?

Canada Post is Canada’s primary mail service provider, offering cost-effective and efficient delivery services to millions of people across the country. It has thousands of post offices and a dedicated workforce, making it the go-to option for mail delivery services. But, one question often arises whether Canada Post delivers on weekends.

This article will dive into the details and answer this question, providing all the necessary information.

Canada Post Overview

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As Canada’s largest mail service provider, Canada Post delivers billions of mail items to verified addresses throughout the country, the US, and other international destinations. With over 6,200 official post offices and numerous private-sector post offices, it offers a reliable and cost-effective way to send letters, packages, and more.

Understanding the Canada Post Network

The vast network of Canada Post includes both official and private-sector post offices. These private-sector post offices are essentially franchises owned by drugstores and retailers. A centralized system works across all post offices, ensuring seamless “to the door” delivery services for all Canadian verified addresses.

The Importance of Delivery Timings

Individuals and businesses consider delivery rates and delivery times when choosing a mail service. Canada Post is known for its competitive postage rates, making it a preferred choice for many people.

Does Canada Post Deliver on Saturdays?

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Many people are uncertain about Canada Post’s delivery timings and services, especially when it comes to weekend delivery. To clarify, Canada Post does not deliver on Saturdays. The official stance of Canada Post, as mentioned on their website, is that they do not operate on Saturdays and Sundays.

Post deliver on weekends is a common concern for individuals and businesses who rely on mail services to send and receive important correspondence. However, Canada Post offices, including both official and private-sector locations, follow a standardized processing and delivery schedule that typically excludes weekend deliveries.

Postal services deliver mail throughout the week, but Canada’s official post offices do not extend their services to Saturdays or Sundays. While some private post offices may choose to remain open on weekends, the majority adhere to the standard Monday through Friday schedule.

What to Do if You Need to Send Mail on a Weekend

Despite the absence of Saturday delivery from official post offices, there are still options for those who require weekend mail services. Private-sector postal services, authorized by Canada Post, might offer weekend delivery options depending on their operating hours. These private postal services have more flexible schedules than Canada’s official post offices.

To find a post office open on weekends, refer to the Canada Post website for information on the nearest private postal service providers. Utilizing their Post Office Locator tool, you can identify postal service providers in your area offering weekend operating hours.

It is important to remember that even though some private postal services may provide weekend delivery, most official post offices adhere to a strict Monday through Friday schedule. If you rely on Canada Post for your mail delivery needs, it is best to plan accordingly and avoid expecting Saturday delivery from official post offices.

Canada Post’s Delivery Schedule

To better understand Canada Post’s delivery services, it’s important to know their operating hours and delivery schedules. Official post offices operate only five days a week, meaning no mail acceptance or delivery on weekends.

How Some People Receive Mail on Weekends

Although Canada Post does not officially deliver on weekends, some individuals still receive mail on Saturdays and Sundays. This is because private post offices authorized by Canada Post operate as subsidiaries of the official postal services.

These private post offices have operating hours, and some remain open on weekends.

Delivery Timings and Exceptions

Local deliveries within a city are usually completed within two days, while provincial and national deliveries take three to four business days. However, these time frames are estimates and may vary depending on mail volume and weather conditions.

Deliveries to the US and International Destinations

When sending mail to the US through Canada Post, delivery typically takes four to six business days. On the other hand, international deliveries are completed within four to seven business days. Again, these time frames are subject to change based on various factors.

No Deliveries on National, Territorial, or Provincial Holidays

In addition to weekends, Canada Post does not provide any services on national, territorial, or provincial holidays. It’s essential to plan accordingly if you have time-sensitive mail items that need to be shipped promptly.

Using Canada Post’s Post Office Locator

You can use Canada Post’s Post Office Locator tool on their website to find a post office in your area that is open on weekends. This tool will help you identify the nearest post office with operating hours that suit your requirements.

Final Thoughts on Weekend Deliveries

While Canada Post does not deliver on weekends, some private post offices authorized by Canada Post operate on Saturdays and Sundays. Planning your mail shipments accordingly is essential, especially if they are time-sensitive.

By understanding Canada Post’s delivery schedule and locating post offices with weekend operating hours, you can ensure your mail is sent and received promptly, even on weekends.


In summary, Canada Post does not officially deliver on weekends. However, you may still receive mail on Saturdays and Sundays through private post offices authorized by Canada Post. These offices have operating hours, and some remain open on weekends to cater to the public’s needs.

For urgent inquiries or mail shipments, use the Post Office Locator tool on Canada Post’s website to find a nearby office that operates on weekends. With this information, you can plan your mail shipments more effectively and make the most of Canada Post’s services.


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