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How Much Are Hair Extensions in Canada?

Hair extensions have become a popular choice for those looking to enhance their hair’s volume, length, or style in Canada. With various options available, from human hair extensions to synthetic hair extensions, it’s essential to grasp Canada’s different types and current trends to make an informed decision.

Definition and Types

Hair Extensions

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These are additional hair integrations attached to an individual’s hair to increase its volume or length. They come in various formats, each crafted from different materials.

Human Hair Extensions

Made from real human hair, these extensions offer a natural appearance. They can be styled, dyed, and treated like natural hair. They generally outlast synthetic options and integrate seamlessly with natural hair.

Synthetic Hair Extensions

These are manufactured from man-made materials and, while often more affordable than their human hair counterparts, synthetic hair extensions don’t have the same natural feel and longevity.

Clip-In Hair Extensions

These extensions are designed for short-term use and can be easily attached and removed thanks to integrated clips. They provide flexibility in terms of placement.

Tape-In Hair Extensions

These semi-permanent extensions use adhesive tape to bond near the hair root, lasting several weeks.

Fusion Hair Extensions

Attached to hair using methods such as hot or cold bonding, these extensions often come at a higher fusion hair extension cost due to the specialized installation process.

Micro Loop Hair Extensions, Micro Bead Hair Extensions, and Micro Link Hair Extensions

Each utilizes small rings or loops for attachment, removing the need for glues or heat.

Popularity and Trends

  • Demand and Growth: The cost of hair extensions reflects their growing appeal in Canada. Many Canadians seek the best hair extensions to achieve specific looks without waiting for natural hair growth.
  • Emerging Styles: Achieving popular styles such as balayage or ombre has become simpler with extensions. The recent rise in hair extension prices can be attributed to improvements in quality and the diversity of styles available, with fusion hair extensions and tape-in hair extensions leading in demand.

When considering extensions, it’s important to weigh factors beyond just hair extensions cost. Hair type, desired lifespan, and the level of maintenance required should all play a role in the decision-making process.

Hair extensions require special care and consideration when it comes to heat styling, including hair drying. That’s why finding a suitable hair dryer tailored to the unique needs of hair extensions is crucial.

Factors Affecting the Price of Hair Extensions

When opting to enhance one’s own hair with extensions, understanding the associated costs is crucial. The hair extension cost is influenced by several factors, such as the hair extension’s material and its application method.

Material: Synthetic vs. Natural Hair

Synthetic Hair

Generally more affordable than human hair extensions, synthetic options may range from $50 to 100 CAD.

Although cost-effective, synthetic hair may not offer the same natural appearance as real human hair extensions, especially for individuals with fine or thin hair.

Natural or Human Hair

Extensions from human hair offer a genuine look and seamlessly blend with one’s hair. They typically range in price from $100 to CAD 500 or even more, depending on their origin and quality.

Method of Application: Clip-in, Fusion, and More

Clip-In Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions on light surface

Offering convenience and ease of use, clip-in hair extensions can be priced anywhere from $100 to CAD 300, depending on the hair’s quality and length.

Permanent Hair Extensions

Techniques such as fusion, microbead, and tape-in fall under permanent hair extensions. Their prices reflect the expertise and time needed for the application.

  • Fusion: This method, which uses bonding, might cost between $500 to CAD 2,000, varying based on the number of strands and the hair’s quality.
  • Microbead Hair Extensions: With a unique attachment technique, these extensions might range from $400 to CAD 1,500.

Quality vs. Price

While higher hair extensions often suggest better quality, it’s possible to find quality hair extensions at mid-range prices. Conversely, cheap hair extensions might not always offer the best longevity or appearance. It’s vital to strike a balance between cost and quality.

The cost of hair extensions in Canada varies based on material and application method. Before committing, it’s essential to consider these factors and the desired outcome, ensuring that the investment aligns with expectations.

Maintenance Costs and Considerations

Maintaining hair extensions in Canada is as crucial as the initial investment to prevent hair damage and improve its appearance. While the upfront hair extension prices cover the product and installation, the ongoing costs of care and adjustments ensure longevity and an always-fresh look.

This section elucidates the expenses tied to both routine maintenance and hair extension services provided by professionals.

Routine Care Expenses

  • Hair Extension Products: Specialized shampoos and conditioners designed for real hair extensions can cost around CAD 25 each. These products ensure the hair extension retains its shine and doesn’t get tangled, especially for those with long hair.
  • Brushes and Combs: A suitable brush or comb designed not to pull or snag hair extensions might be priced at approximately CAD 15. It’s a necessity, especially for individuals with fine hair.

Professional Styling and Adjustments

Hair extensions being applied in professional salon

Professional Hair Stylist Services

Regular visits to a professional hair stylist are advised to keep permanent hair extensions, like fusion extensions, tape-in extensions, and microbead hair extensions, in top shape. A typical adjustment or tightening session can cost around CAD 100.

Specialized Adjustments

Hair extensions vary in their need for adjustments. Micro loop extensions, micro link extensions, and other hair extensions might require more frequent or specialized care, with a session costing around CAD 150.

  • Styling: Should you wish to have your hair extensions styled – clip-ins or other hair extensions – by a professional, you could expect to pay roughly CAD 50 per session.
  • Reinstallation: Over time, permanent hair extensions, whether fusion extensions, tape-in extensions, or microbead hair extensions, must be reinstalled. The cost of hair extension reinstallation is around CAD 300, depending on the type and quality of the extensions.

The cost of hair extensions doesn’t end once the extensions are installed. Maintenance ensures that your investment continues to look its best.

By considering routine care expenses and professional hair extension services, individuals can budget appropriately and enjoy the beauty of their quality hair extensions for longer.

Brand Influence on Pricing

In Canada’s diverse market for hair extensions, brand reputation plays a pivotal role in determining hair extension prices. Buyers often invest in premium brands or opt for more economic choices. Both options have their unique selling points, benefits, and drawbacks.

Premium Brands and Their Value Proposition

Best Hair Extensions Quality

Premium brands often offer the best quality hair extensions. These extensions usually last longer, resist damage from hot tools and blend seamlessly with short and long hair.

The hair extension prices for such brands can be higher because they often source hair from donors with specific hair types and ensure that the hair undergoes minimal processing.

Maintenance and Longevity

With premium brands, maintenance appointments might be less frequent. Given their quality, the extensions installed might not require regular upkeep as often as their less-expensive counterparts, leading to potential long-term savings.

Diverse Options

From clip-ins to micro link extensions and micro loops, high-end brands often provide a wider range of choices, catering to different preferences and hair types.

Economic Options and Their Reputation

Affordable Initial Cost

Economical brands offer a lower initial extension cost, making them an attractive choice for those who want to experiment with hair extensions or need them for a short duration. For instance, someone looking for clip-in extensions for a single event might not want to invest heavily.

Different Hair Qualities

While these brands offer affordable hair extension prices, they often use different hair qualities, including synthetic options or lower-grade human hair. This might affect their appearance, especially when blended with natural hair.

Economical options might require more frequent maintenance appointments, especially for permanent extensions like sew-in extensions. The hair extensions prices for these brands might be lower initially, but the upkeep cost could add up over time.


Although more affordable, these extensions can still offer decent adaptability. Many people with short and long hair have found suitable matches in economical brands. In essence, the hair extensions prices vary greatly depending on the brand’s reputation and quality.

Whether opting for luxury or budget-friendly, it’s essential to remember that the hair extensions cost also depends on factors like maintenance, longevity, and the type of hair extension chosen. Buyers can make informed decisions that fit their needs and budget by understanding these aspects.

Where to Purchase: Comparing Platforms

Choosing where to buy hair extensions in Canada involves weighing the convenience, expertise, and pricing differences between brick-and-mortar salons and online retailers. Each platform offers a unique shopping experience, and its advantages can cater to different buyer needs.


Exhibition of multicolored hair extension in salon

Expert Guidance

Salons provide an advantage in terms of consultation. Professionals can guide buyers, especially those new to hair extensions, on what type best matches their short hair or full head.

Whether it’s sew-in extensions, tape-ins, or microbeads, the expertise in salons can help clients select the best match for their real hair.

Application Services

One of the notable benefits of purchasing from a salon is the application process. Salons often provide services for fitting the extensions, ensuring they blend seamlessly with the client’s new hair. This convenience might lead to different costs compared to buying online.

Immediate Satisfaction

Salary purchases allow clients to walk out with their new hair on the same day. There’s no waiting period, unlike online shopping.

Total Cost Consideration

Salons may offer high-quality extensions, but the total cost could be higher. The cost depends on the product and the application, styling, and potential follow-up appointments.

Online Retailers


Online platforms often showcase a broader range of hair extensions in Canada, including popular types like clip-in hair extensions and sew-ins. Buyers can explore multiple brands, reviews, and price points.


Shopping online allows buyers to compare costs, read reviews, and order extensions from the comfort of their homes. This convenience is especially beneficial for those already familiar with what they want.


Online retailers typically offer more competitive prices as they don’t have the overhead costs associated with a physical location. However, buyers should be cautious and purchase genuine, high-quality products.

Self-Application Considerations

When purchasing online, buyers should consider the application. While clip-in hair extensions are relatively easy to fit, other types might require professional assistance, which could add to the total cost.

Both salons and online retailers present valid options for purchasing extensions in Canada. The best choice depends on individual preferences, needs, and budget considerations.

Regional Variations in Pricing

When exploring the hair extensions cost across Canada, regional differences become evident. The pricing for a hair extension can vary based on the city’s size, location on the East or West Coast, and other socio-economic factors.

Delving deeper into these differences can help potential buyers make informed decisions.

Major Cities vs. Smaller Towns

Major cities typically offer a wider range of hair extensions, from clip-in extensions to wigs. The diversity in options often comes from higher demand in urban areas, with more salons catering to various styles and preferences.

However, these metropolitan hubs might have elevated operational costs for a salon or hairdresser, leading to a potential increase in hair extension costs.

Furthermore, as trendsetters, larger cities often introduce new extension styles, lengths, or application techniques, which can also impact the price.

East Coast vs. West Coast

The East and West Coasts of Canada exhibit distinct cultural and style nuances, influencing the demand for specific types of hair extensions and, subsequently, the extensions cost.

Coastal cities, especially those with major ports, might have direct access to imported hair extension products. This accessibility can sometimes translate to more competitive pricing for certain products, such as clips or wigs.

Moreover, the general economic landscape of a region, including factors like the cost of living or average income levels, can also play a role in how salons and hairdressers price their services.

Final Thoughts

Hair extensions offer various options for those looking to enhance their hairstyle. The types of hair extensions, including clip-in extensions and tape methods, each have a unique application process. The length of the extension directly affects the price.

It’s essential to consider the salon or hairdresser you choose, as their expertise can influence the final look and quality of the extension. Additionally, the price of a hair extension combines the product’s quality, the hairdresser’s skill, and the intricacy of the application process.

In short, the final cost of hair extensions depends on several factors, and understanding these can guide individuals in making informed decisions.

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