As the final frontier of protection during winter, finding the best winter jacket is pivotal when living in Canada. What features make a great winter jacket? What jacket has the add-ons I’m looking for? How do I know if a jacket will keep me warm? These are all important questions to ask yourself before starting the hunt for the perfect winter jacket.

Our article seeks to help answer each of them for you and provide you with a solid path to follow when searching for your winter jacket.

We’ve compiled a list of our top five winter jackets for men and our top five options for women. We’ve also created a short buyer’s guide to help push you in the right direction while shopping.

Best Winter Jackets for Men in Canada at a Glance

  1. Columbia Lhotse Mountain II Interchange Winter Jacket
  2.  Acr’teryx Thorsen Winter Parka – Our Choice
  3. North Face Holgate Triclimate Winter Jacket – Best North Face Winter Jacket
  4. Carhartt Sandstone Active Winter Jacket
  5. Canada Goose Expedition Winter Parka – Warmest Jackets

Best Winter Jackets for Women in Canada at a Glance

  1. North Face Boundary Triclimate Winter Jacket – Best North Face Winter Jacket
  2. Columbia Snow Eclipse Mid Winter Coats
  3. Columbia Mighty Lite Hooded Winter Jacket
  4. Orolay Thickened Down Jacket
  5. Wantdo Mountain Ski Jacket

Top 5 Best Winter Jackets for Men Reviewed

1. Columbia Lhotse Mountain II Interchange Winter Jacket

Columbia Interchange Winter Jacket

Columbia is a respected name in the outdoor gear market. The Columbia Men’s Lhotse Mountain II Interchange Jacket is some of their finest work with the many insulation features designed to keep your body temperature even in the harshest environments. This multi-layered winter jacket keeps the cold air out and the warm air in with the wind-breaking exterior and thermal fit interior. The rip top fabric that the exterior is the same as in many weatherproof tents.

Our Honest Review

This winter jacket is essentially a mechanical device with all of the temperature regulation tools it offers you. The quilted interior keeps your body warm using Omni-heat silver dot reflectors, which can reflect up to 20% of your body temperature back to you. This addition allows you to act as your furnace as you head into colder territories. With the drawstring hem, you can easily pull the winter jacket closer to forming over your body. The snugger the fit, the more heat is retained.

Columbia has designed a jacket that will keep you warm in the coldest environments. When wearing this jacket, it feels like you’re wearing a heated blanket tight around your body. We loved the comfort of this product and the durability of the exterior. While the interior keeps you warm, the exterior keeps out the cold with its untouchable ripstop fabric. Not much can compromise this jacket, and chances are you won’t have to worry about that.

Our one issue with this jacket involves the hood. While the rest of the jacket is insulated and designed to keep the cold on both internal and external fronts, the hood remains unprotected. With no insulation in the hood, it’s easy to get frostbite on your ears depending on the environment you’re using this winter jacket in. If you’re going into truly frigid regions, be sure to bring along a hat.


  • Durable exterior, insulated interior
  • Many pockets for storage
  • Underarm vents
  • Detachable hood


  • No insulation in the hood
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2. Arc’teryx Thorsen Winter Parka

Arc'teryx Thorsen Winter Parka

Luxury in the coldest regions, Arc’teryx Thorsen Parka Men’s has designed one of the most powerful jackets ever and combined it with their sleek and attractive modern man style. This winter jacket features 750-fill power-down insulation to keep you warm throughout the winter. It’s insulated from hood to hem to keep every inch of you protected from the weather. The exterior fabric is a waterproof Gore-Tex fabric that ensures no type of weather will breach your shell.

Our Honest Review

If you’re looking for a great jacket to keep you warm in both an urban setting as well as out in the wild, this is a fantastic option for you. It’s got the strength to last in the woods and the style to make it in the city. Arc’teryx has made one of the most powerful jackets we’ve encountered with the full-body insulation – even the hood is insulated to keep you toasty as the temperature drops. We felt protected, even as the snow began to pile up.

The weather resistance is an excellent addition as this jacket is focused on style and practicality, and you don’t want to get wet while trying to impress. You can even see the water droplets congregating on your sleeve but not soaking in. This jacket is one of the most comfortable products to wear as it is essentially a cushion that wraps around you and keeps you warm. Durability is essential for winter jackets, and the fabric will last you for years.

If you’re looking for a jack that is sleek, stylish, and will keep you warm in the coldest environments, then this is a fantastic option for you. The only downside we noticed was the lack of features and pockets. You have the essential pockets available, but storage can run out quickly with this jacket. It was a fantastic winter jacket to wear and a stylish look to put on. Though there are fewer features than the Columbia Lhotse jacket, this is still a fantastic addition to any avid hiker.


  • Sleek and stylish
  • Extreme internal insulation
  • Waterproof exterior
  • Durable materials


  • Not many pockets
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3. Best North Face Winter Jacket – North Face Holgate Triclimate Winter Jacket

Best North Face Winter Jacket

This winter jacket is perfect in terms of features. The North Face Men’s Holgate Triclimate Jacket doesn’t have as many as the Columbia Lhotse, but it’s got more than the Thorsen does. It also can keep you warm at temperatures as low as -4 degrees Fahrenheit. The 60g insulation material keeps your body warm in the jacket and repels the cold air. The boxy look this winter jacket has is due to the dual layers which keep you warm as the temperature drops.

Our Honest Review

We love the feel of this jacket. It can be a little boxy to walk around, but the warmth of the interior makes up for its clunky nature. Though there are no interior pockets like on either of the other two options on our list so far, the deep handwarmer pockets are effective and quite spacious. What it lacks in pockets, it makes up with the space found in the ones it has. The chest pocket is a great way to store your phone as you like, as the outer material will keep your phone protected.

The coolest part of this jacket is its versatility – it can be assembled and disassembled to fit three different styles. As the temperature gets warmer, the jacket’s use continues as you can wear the interior alone as a spring jacket. The exterior alone makes an amazing rain jacket, and when they’re combined, you have the ultimate form of insulation and weather protection. This product is an amazing winter jacket.

The ultra-high zipper allows you to cover even your neck with insulation, something many jackets tend to forsake, it seems. It is one of the shallower jackets on our list as it only covers down to your waist and lacks a snow skirt, which you will find on the Thorsen jacket. It seems they spent the effort on the higher parts of the jacket around the neck and head. Which is better comes down to which you prefer to be protected?


  • Deep pockets for extra storage
  • Versatile three-piece use
  • It covers the neck and head
  • 60g insulation


  • Clunky feel and design
  • No snow skirt
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4. Carhartt Sandstone Active Winter Jacket

Carhartt Sandstone Active Winter Jacket

Carhartt Men’s Sandstone Active Jacket is another dependable name for outdoor gear. If you have a Carhartt product, you know it will last when held up against the elements. The 12-oz authentic cotton sandstone exterior is extremely durable and able to withstand any type of weather. The quilted interior lining will keep you warm even in freezing temperatures. While it’s one of the heaviest jackets on our list, this product is surprisingly movable. You don’t feel weighed down; it is more like a snug security blanket.

Our Honest Review

This jacket isn’t the best option in terms of extreme conditions. If you’re planning a mountain hike that will take you into negative temperatures, you might want to consider a different product on our list. If your area of use will be more oriented towards outdoor work and casual winter hikes, then this is one of the best products you’ll find. While not great for negative temperatures, the internal quilted fabric will keep you comfortable and warm in freezing conditions.

The fabric of the exterior is great when pitted against the weather. Rain, snow, or sleet will all be useless in getting inside this jacket or causing damage. Carhartt has always made them durable, and this active sandstone jacket is no different. For a Carhartt product, it’s surprisingly movable and quite active. The 12-oz sandstone is also quite stylish and provides that rugged outdoorsy feel that Carhartt is famous for.

This jacket is on the larger side and can weigh you down pretty easily, but that’s mostly the interior quilt fabric at work. We did notice a different size scale than most other jackets. What would be a large for other products will be a medium for Carhartt. Take that into account when selecting your size.


  • Movable and active
  • 12-oz sandstone exterior
  • Quilted interior
  • Extremely durable


  • Not as great in negative temperatures
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5. Warmest Jackets – Canada Goose Expedition Parka

Canada Goose Expedition Parka

If you’re looking for the ultimate jacket in terms of warms, insulation, protection from the elements and readiness for the most extreme mountain hikes, then the Canada Goose Expedition Parka is the perfect jacket for you. The 625-down fill power keeps you warm and holds body heat in as you move. The more you move, the more this winter parka warms you. This insulation is placed throughout the jacket and keeps you protected from the knees to the top of your head.

Our Honest Review

Canada Goose is easily one of the warmest jackets on our list and similar to Himalayan hiking suits for Mount Everest expeditions. You may have noticed that this insulation rating isn’t as high as the Thorsen product – the difference is the amount of insulation available. Canada Goose’s parka piles in the filling to keep you warmer for longer. You’re protected by every inch of this jacket with the filling throughout the entire inside.

Regarding weather resistance, the Canada Goose winter jacket isn’t as strong as the Thorsen, though it does compare well to the rest of the products on our list. It utilizes Arctic-Tech fabric with a waterproof coating to prevent snow or rain from seeping into the jacket.

It isn’t the most comfortable jacket we have reviewed, but that tends to occur with jackets that place warmth as their number one feature. The number of pockets available will leave you with ample storage options and proper protection from the elements for all of your gear. This jacket could also be too warm when used in average winter temperatures for strenuous work. If you’re looking for an amazing expedition jacket, Canada Goose has your back.


  • Warmest jacket on our list
  • Waterproof shell
  • Heat locking snow skirt
  • Works on mountaineering expeditions


  • Not the most comfortable jacket
  • Too warm for average winter temperatures
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Top 5 Best Women’s Winter Jackets Reviewed

1. Best North Face Winter Jacket – North Face Boundary Triclimate Winter Jacket

North Face Boundary Triclimate Winter Jacket

The North Face Women’s Boundary Triclimate Jacket uses a DryVent 2L shell to prevent water soaking and allow the interior to be breathable without compromising the insulation. The interior of this jacket is a removable fleece material. The hood is fully adjustable and will enable you to add or remove at will. It includes an adjustable cinch cord, allowing you to pull it as close to the body as needed for extra warmth and a snug, comfortable fit.

Our Honest Review

We loved this warm winter jacket and all of its features. The Osito fleece interior keeps your body warm as the temperature continues to drop, and the exterior DryVent 2L shell will keep you dry. It is the perfect combination of interior and outer protection necessary to get you to the highest peaks of the mountains.

The ability to adjust this jacket is unmatched, as no other product on this list enables the wearer more customization options than this one. If the fleece is too much, simply remove it. Don’t like the hood? Take it off. Is the winter jacket not tight enough, and is the air creeping in? Tighten it with the cinch cord and prevent unwanted airflow. The breathability of this jacket is amazing as it allows your body to stay warm in cold temperatures but expels excess heat that will lead to overheating.

Practicality aside, this is a beautiful jacket. The vast array of colours and options makes this one of the most stylish jackets on our list. This 3-in-1 winter jacket is easily our favourite product that we’ve reviewed as it handles the cold well and is adjustable to match any climate you’re in. However, it does seem to run small as even the largest sizes weren’t as big as other products’ average options. Be sure to watch which size you choose for this product.


  • Versatile and adjustable
  • DryVent 2L shell protects from weather
  • Interior fleece is warm and comfortable
  • Cinch cord prevents air from getting in


  • More focused on smaller sizes
Check the price on Amazon

2. Columbia Snow Eclipse Mid Winter Coats

Columbia Snow Eclipse Mid Winter Coats

Columbia is one of the leading names in women’s winter coats as the care they place into their products is palpable. The Columbia Women’s Snow Eclipse Mid Jacket is made of three pure materials. The shell is 100% polyester, the liner is 100% nylon, and the fill is 100% polyester—no blends in this product account for near-perfect insulation and protection from the elements. The Omni-shield prevents this winter jacket from ever getting dirty, and the insulation keeps you warm at the highest peaks.

Our Honest Review

Every material used in this product keeps you warm. The nylon filler helps to insulate the jacket and reflect your body heat. This winter coat is warmer than North Face’s Boundary Triclimate winter jacket, though not as breathable. We felt comfortable utilizing this jacket, even at the coldest temperatures, as it spanned the length of our torso and kept us warm on every inch it covered.

You are getting this jacket dirty proved to be a near-impossible task with the Omni-shield feature. Even if you did manage to get a deep mud stain on this warm winter jacket, it’s machine washable and easy to clean off. While wearing this jacket, you’re not restricted much in movement, and you don’t have to sacrifice warmth for comfort like with some other products. The Velcro tabs covering the zipper act as a second layer of protection from any heat escaping or cold seeping in.

The number of pockets isn’t as much as the Boundary Triclimate, which lessens the amount of storage available. The padding around the pockets was nice as it allowed for ample protection of any gear you place inside. We loved this jacket and were impressed by the pure warmth it provided, even in the coldest environments.


  • Pure materials
  • Difficult to stain
  • Ample protection from the cold


  • Not many pockets
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3. Columbia Mighty Lite Hooded Winter Jacket

Columbia Mighty Lite Hooded Winter Jacket

The Columbia Women’s Mighty Lite Hooded Jacket keeps heat in and repels the outside elements. It uses an Omni-heat thermal reflective layer to maintain a certain amount of your body heat and keep you warm even as the temperature drops – you’re acting as your heater. The outer shell of this winter jacket is 100% polyester, coated in a rain repellent, making you untouchable by the outside elements. You’ll also find plenty of pockets throughout for ample storage and security measures.

Our Honest Review

With another fantastic warm winter coat on our list, Columbia is back as their next winter coats takes center stage. This jacket is an amazing mixture of functionality with mobility. Many heavier jackets tend to sacrifice a layer of comfort to maintain higher internal temperatures – most extreme mountain climbing gear won’t be fun to wear. The Mighty Lite, however, is great at keeping the heat in, repelling the cold, and allowing for ample movement and space.

The insulated interior is fantastic and a great way to keep the cold out and the heat in. It works to reflect a certain percentage of your body heat towards you for a constantly replenishing source of heat. Zippers and pockets are other major features of this jacket, and the storage space they provide is astonishing. For added security, you can even store personal belongings in the secure inside pocket.

We did experience some durability issues with this winter jacket as the outer material seemed to tear at the seams after a bit of strenuous use. It certainly isn’t as durable as the Snow Eclipse. I didn’t compromise the internal insulation of the jacket, but the protection from rain and snow was now gone in that area. Overall, this is a fantastic winter jacket that will keep you warm and offers ample storage.


  • Functionality and mobility
  • Reflecting interior keeps heat in
  • 100% polyester outer shell
  • Plenty of pockets for storage


  • Durability issues
Check the price on Amazon

4. Orolay Thickened Down Coat

Orolay Thickened Down Coat

This dense winter jacket keeps out the cold and remains stylish while doing so. The outer shell of the Orolay Women’s Thickened Down Jacket is made with 100% polyester and stands out while keeping you warm. The interior of this jacket is with faux fur, which is just as effective, if not more effective, at keeping you warm as the real counterpart. With a polyester density of 60% more than most other winter coats on the market, the down jackets from Orolay will keep you warm throughout the darkest nights of winter.

Our Honest Review

Winter hits all areas, not just the highest mountain peaks, so you’ll want to be prepared with a jacket that works everywhere, and this certainly is a fantastic option. With its faux fur interior, you’re getting the style of a fashion line jacket and the effectiveness of one of the Columbia products we reviewed. If you’re looking to mix style with practicality, then this is the perfect jacket for you. Even the hood has a fleece interior lining to keep you warm from head to toe.

The density of this winter jacket is rather impressive as well. It’s filled with an intense amount of polyester padding and will keep you warm no matter how low the temperature reaches. The lining of the inside won’t keep you as warm as the Mighty Lite, but it’s a great stylish alternative for those looking to impress while in the city.

We did experience some poking and prodding from the duck feathers that are used to help fluff the jacket. Every so often, you might feel something poking into your arm or side, and it’s most likely a duck feather. It’s not the most durable jacket and should probably be reserved for easy use, like walking through town or going to a cold event like a hockey game. This winter coat is not as durable as the Triclimate and won’t be well suited for most hikes.


  • Stylish and sleek
  • Faux fur keeps you warm
  • 60% denser than other jackets


  • Duck feathers can poke out
  • Not that durable
Check the price on Amazon

5. Wantdo Mountain Ski Jacket

Wantdo Mountain Ski Jacket

Wantdo incorporates 2400 polyester fibre as the outer shell of this jacket, which is great at heat retention and cold repellent. The Wantdo Women’s Mountain Ski Jacket is also waterproof, which will keep you dry if it starts to rain or snow while out on a hike. The interior is made of fleece, which is great at keeping you warm no matter the temperature. With an adjustable hood, cuff, and skirt, this jacket is windproof and will keep you warm even as the winds begin to pick up. Getting caught in a rainstorm is now no big deal with this jacket.

Our Honest Review

What makes this winter jacket stand out from the rest is the ability to adjust according to the outside temperature. If the winds begin to pick up, simply cover yourself up with the adjustable features and repel the breeze. Other jackets on our list, like the Snow Eclipse, have the ability to adjust, but the number of adjustable features on this jacket is simply unmatched. We cannot get enough of this jacket’s versatility and add-ons.

This is a fantastic jacket for outdoor use during the winter. If you’re looking for hikes and adventures to go on as the snow begins to pile up, then this might be the jacket for you. It’s warm, adjustable, and sleek. The elements stand no chance up against this jacket as it’s both wind and waterproof, allowing you to hike no matter the weather. Even the hood is protected both inside and out, keeping you warm up to your ears.

The fleece lining is a slight issue as it won’t be as effective as jackets with reflective material. Fleece tends to let more heat escape, whereas jackets like the Mighty Lite will keep your body heat in and constantly warm you. If you’re looking for an affordable, stylish jacket that can support your winter adventures, then this is a fantastic option for you.


  • Hood, skirt, cuffs are adjustable
  • Wind and waterproof
  • The Hood is fleece lined


  • Fleece isn’t as warm as thermo-materials
Check the price on Amazon

Features to Keep an Eye Out for When Shopping for Winter Jackets in Canada

The following is a buyer’s guide on how to spot the best winter jacket for you. We offered a couple of tips on what to look for as well as answers to some of the most common questions regarding winter jackets. Buying the perfect winter jacket doesn’t have to be difficult; know what you’re looking for and what situations you’ll use the jacket in and move on from there.


When choosing a winter jacket, one of the most important features to look for should be the warmth aspect. You don’t want to buy a winter jacket that won’t keep you warm in the winter, so it’s useful to know what linings will be best for insulation. Finding a good insulator is the first feature you should check for.


In the modern era, style remains an important deciding factor on which jacket is best for you. Think about how you intend to use this jacket and where you’ll most likely find yourself wearing it. You won’t want a jacket that focuses on fashion up on a mountain, and you won’t want a mountaineering suit while walking around town.

Weather Resistance

Most winter jackets have a waterproof shell. If the product you’re looking at isn’t waterproof, it’s a glorified blanket and won’t be very useful out in the cold. Be sure to check that the outer shell of the jacket is coated with rain repellent before diving any further.


Having a hood is pivotal in purchasing winter jackets. With a hood, you’re able to keep your head warm in lower temperatures, which is one of the most important parts of your body to keep warm. Having the ability to detach your hood could also be useful, depending on the situation. You’ll want a hood that is insulated and able to keep out the cold and protect your head.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of material do winter jackets use for insulation?

The type of material will vary from product to product. The most common insulation material is either fleece or a type of thermo-protection that will keep your body heat in. The jackets on our list utilize one or the other; both offer ample heating and warmth in cold environments.

Do all winter jackets use waterproof material?

Yes, all good winter jackets should have a waterproof outer shell. The last thing you want is the snow getting on your jacket and seeping through to your skin. This negates the whole purpose of your winter jacket, which is to keep you warm and protect you from the elements.

What is the best winter jacket?

It all comes down to your preference. The jacket that is the best option for one person might not be the favourite of another. Know the situations you intend to use your jacket and make an informed choice based on what features fit your use best. Each of the jackets on our list surpasses industry standards and will keep you warm no matter the temperature.

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