The 5 Best Motherboards in Canada

Our Top Picks

  1. GIGABYTE Z490I AORUS Ultra Motherboard – Our Top Pick
  2. ASUS ROG Strix B450-F Gaming Motherboard
  3. ASUS ROG Maximus XII Hero – Wi-Fi
  4. GIGABYTE B450M DS3H Motherboard
  5. GIGABYTE Intel Z390 Ultra Durable Motherboard

There’s nothing more decisive on how a computer build will go than what motherboard you choose. The type of motherboard that you choose will serve as a foundation for your whole computer rig and will have a direct effect on what components you can select for your build. One motherboard might not support the CPU you had hoped to integrate, and you’re left with the choice of whether this is the perfect motherboard for you or not. Selecting the ideal motherboard can be a complicated process with the vast number of devices available.

To aid you on your journey of computer building, we’ve compiled a list of our top 5 motherboards. We provide the basic specs of each device as well as our thoughts on how they function and what they bring to the table. No matter which device you choose from our list, we can guarantee quality – these are the best of the best.

After our list, you’ll find the buyer’s guide with helpful tips and information to keep in mind when shopping for a motherboard.

Finding the best motherboard for your build doesn’t have to be a difficult process. Our list and buyer’s guide will act as a useful guide to help you find the perfect product. Start your build off on the right foot with the perfect motherboard for your needs!

Our List of the 5 best Motherboards in Canada for 2020

These are the five best motherboards on the market, in our opinion. Each product has been tested against industry standards and is proven to be of high quality. These devices come equipped with plenty of exciting features, are compatible with fast processing chips, can have tons of memory space plugged in, and even have RGB light displays for the flashy gamer. We loved every one of these products and highly recommended each one.

GIGABYTE Z490I AORUS Ultra Motherboard


The GIGABYTE Z490I AORUS Ultra Motherboard comes equipped with ten rear USB ports and seven internal ports. It can support an Intel Z390 chipset and hosts 4 DIMM slots for up to 64 GB of external memory. The RGB present on the device makes it a little flashy compared to others on this list as it comes with 2 RGBW headers and DIMM slots for RGB. The next generation VRM cooling fans keep this motherboard cool no matter hard you run your computer, this motherboard remains silent.

Our Honest Review

It is one of the most well-developed and affordable motherboards available. GIGABYTE has always been a trusted name in the motherboard PC build world, but their AORUS Ultra might be one of the best products they’ve ever made. It’s certainly our favourite motherboard available currently and is well worth the price it’s placed at. It’s not as perfect as other motherboards, but this is one of the most well-priced products you’ll find.

With ten rear USB ports and seven internal options, this motherboard allows you to create a relatively large build. Plenty of expansion is available with this motherboard. If you’re running out of RAM quickly, the 4 DIMM slots enable you to add up to 64 GB of memory, much like the Maximus or the Intel Z390. Customization is a key selling point for this computer.

This motherboard compares well to some of the higher-priced products on the market. When compared to larger products on the market, this motherboard comes with a lower price tag and offers many more features. The RGB options of the device alone is enough to blow you away. Everything is easy to customize and tailor to your needs. We love this motherboard and would highly recommend it to anyone who is searching for one.


  • Customization options
  • Extremely well priced
  • Plenty of RGB settings


  • Not as polished as other motherboards

ASUS ROG Strix B450-F Gaming Motherboard

The ASUS ROG Strix B450-F Gaming Motherboard is one of the most configurable fan options on our list. It offers a five-way optimization with auto-tuning to keep your device cool and prevent overheating during use. This motherboard is powered by 2nd generation AMD Ryzen AM4 and 7th generation Athlon processors, which helps maximize the strength and speed of this product. Lighting is offered by Aura Sync RGB, as well as an extra 2 RGB headers. Performance and style are at the forefront of this device.

Our Honest Review

With this motherboard, you won’t have to worry about overheating, no matter how intensely you’re using your PC. The configurable fan comes with many different settings that can be adjusted as needed throughout use. Even the lowest setting packs a punch and will keep your average PC from overheating. The heavier fan settings allow for more thorough cools, though it can get loud at the highest fan settings.

The on-board audio quality was lacking a little bit and needed some configuration to fix, but that only seemed to be an initial issue. The build was simple, and the boot-up was straight forward, making this one of the easiest motherboards to work with on our list. Design is another big bonus of this product as it’s rather attractive to look at and a great option for tempered glass side panels.

Overall, we loved this motherboard. Though it’s lacking in configuration when compared to the AORUS Ultra, it’s certainly a fantastic motherboard that supports plenty of extension options. ASUS is another fantastic company that has a reputation for durable builds and trusted products. Their Strix B450-F model is another dependable product from their collection and one that will lay the foundation for a solid and fantastic build.


  • Easy to configure and set up
  • Plenty of fan power prevents overheating
  • Beautiful design for see through builds


  • Heavier fan setting can be loud

ASUS ROG Maximus XII Hero – Wi-Fi

ASUS ROG Maximus XII Hero - Wi-Fi

Much like the GIGABYTE Z490 model, the ASUS ROG Maximus XII Hero – Wi-Fi can support Intel processing with a chipset of Intel Z390. The number of external USB ports is lower than GIGABYTE’s model with only eight, but the internal seven are still present. This motherboard can support up to 64 GB with 4 DIMM slots and plenty of expansion options. Internet speeds of up to 866 MBps of Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable accessibility. The lighting on this device is accessed through Heatsink and Aura RGBs.

Our Honest Review

Though there are fewer USB ports on this motherboard than on the AORUS Ultra model, it’s only by a couple, and the overall configuration of this motherboard is still rather high. Much like the two options above, this motherboard can support and Intel Z390 processing system, which allows you to run graphics at the highest settings without fear of crashing or lag.

This motherboard is one of the more affordable options from ASUS and can hold its own against its more expensive siblings. We loved this motherboard because of how accessible it was. It allows anyone with a tight budget to build a fast computer with plenty of extension options. Don’t let the cheaper price tag fool you, you’re getting the same features as the more expensive models, but with slightly less polish.

Easily one of the best motherboards we’ve tested, the Maximus XII will make your PC build painless and fun. Performance is top-notch, and the overall experience is nearly unmatched. Not to mention it’s a beautiful board that you’ll want to show off to anyone who comes over. It might be smart to plug in an Ethernet cable as the onboard Wi-Fi isn’t the greatest, but besides that, this is a near-perfect motherboard.


  • Well priced for features
  • Intel Z390 supports great graphics
  • Amazing overall performance


  • On-board Wi-Fi is slower
  • Not as many USB ports as AORUS Ultra

GIGABYTE B450M DS3H Motherboard

The GIGABYTE B450M DS3H Motherboard offers multiple display options with both HDMI and DVI D ports. The graphics possible are astounding with both 1st and 2nd generation Ryzen support options. As with most other products on our list, there are 4 DIMMs available, offering the ability to plug in up to 64 GB of RAM. LED strips can be added and are well-supported by this product’s RGB fusion options. Plenty of Wi-Fi connection is available, making this motherboard a powerhouse for gaming.

Our Honest Review

The on-board audio of this device is insane. Many motherboards tend to lose focus when adding audio to the product, and you end up having to purchase extra speakers and outsource your audio to a separate device. With this motherboard, the onboard audio is such great quality that you won’t need those extra speakers. It leads to an extremely simple build process and can support both 1st and 2nd generation Ryzen.

The compatibility of a Ryzen processor offers you extreme graphics that are unmatched by most motherboards. Many of the other motherboards on our list support Intel core processors, which provides a fantastic performance, but the Ryzen processor – depending on who you ask – supports better graphics and smoother overall performance.

The main issue we encountered with this product was the presence of only one fan slot, which would require you to purchase an external fan splitter for proper cools. Motherboards like the Maximus and the Strix B450-F have multiple fan slots to help prevent overheating. The display is also rather dull on this motherboard. With only 7 RGB colour options, there’s not much you can do to enhance the look of it, either. Overall, this is a fantastic device that’s focused on performance above all else.


  • Supports 1st/2nd generation Ryzen processor
  • Amazing on-board audio quality
  • Simple build


  • Only one fan slot
  • Dull look to the motherboard

GIGABYTE Intel Z390 Ultra Durable Motherboard

Much as the title indicates, the GIGABYTE Intel Z390 Ultra Durable Motherboard is built around the Intel Z390 core processing chipset. It’s designed to handle the latest in gaming and provide you with a dependable and durable experience. It comes with the smallest amount of USB slots out of our list, with only six external and four internal options. There are 4 DIMM slots available, offering up to 64 GB of external memory. You’ll find 6 SATA ports for ample storage expansion options.

Our Honest Review

This is a fantastic motherboard if you’re looking for a basic device that will get the job done right. It’s focused on supporting the Intel Z390 processor, as found in the title, and offers similar performance spec to that of the AORUS Ultra or the Maximus XI because of this. This is a dependable motherboard that will help establish plenty of configurable options down the road of your build and will offer you a quality performance.

The Wi-Fi available on this motherboard is surprisingly high quality. You might still need to plug in an Ethernet cable for maximum quality, but if none are accessible, the onboard Wi-Fi will have your back. The only downside we found with this motherboard was the single connection point for external high-speed devices. With only one slot, you won’t be able to use multiple high-speed graphics cards at the same time, lowering the maximum quality available.

We feel the best way to describe this product is affordable. If you’re looking for a motherboard that won’t break the bank and will offer you some great features but isn’t too flashy, then the Intel Z390 is the product for you. It won’t have access to some features that please enthusiasts, but for the basic build, this motherboard is a great place to start.


  • Great core processor
  • Dependable on-board Wi-Fi
  • Affordable and durable


  • One x16 PCIe slot

Feature to Look for in a Motherboard

When shopping for a motherboard, it’s important to keep a few key features in mind. Any great motherboard will have ample storage and add-on memory options. The graphics processors your motherboard is compatible with should be up to par, and you should always have the option to configure if needed. These three features will make or break your build, depending on the motherboard you choose.

Plenty of Hard Drive and RAM Slots

One of the most important features of a motherboard is the ability to add many hard drives and multiple slots for RAM. The amount of hard drive storage memory you have available on your computer will directly affect the amount of games and apps you can have downloaded. On the other hand, the more RAM you have, the more resource-demanding games and programs you can run on your computer without it freezing. The more DIMM slots your motherboard has, the more RAM you can plugin. Finding a computer with a decent amount of DIMM slots – typically 4 – is important for the remainder of the build. Start strong with ample storage options on your motherboard.

Compatibility with Your Graphics Card and Processor

Many AAA games that were designed for consoles are beginning to turn their focus to the PC. You’ll want a processor that can handle these massive games and offer you a fun and artistic experience. Compatibility with faster processors and higher graphic qualities will allow your computer will be a fantastic personal gaming console to replace all gaming consoles. Ensure that the graphics card (GPU) and core processor (CPU) you’re looking at are compatible with the motherboard you’re shopping for.


Don’t get stuck with the limited options of a base motherboard. The best builds are the ones that take advantage of the 10 USB, 4 DIMM, and 6 SATA ports. If your motherboard doesn’t have many options to expand memory and storage capabilities, chances are you’re facing limitations down the road that will affect your build. The best motherboards are configurable and have plenty of additional options.

Frequently Asked Questions

When shopping for a motherboard, it’s important to ask questions. We cannot stress this enough: a motherboard will make or break your build. If you don’t ask the right questions, then you won’t find the right motherboard. Here are a few of the most important and common questions we encounter about motherboards.

What is the best motherboard?

The best motherboard comes down to what type of build you’re intending to embark upon. If you have each of your devices selected already, you’ll want a motherboard that can support them and will allow you to build the computer of your dreams. If pricing is your focus, go with a motherboard that supports plenty for an affordable price. Each of the products on our list are affordable and offer you support for some of the beefiest devices.

How can my motherboard get more RAM?

The newest standard for memory extension is 4 DIMM slots. A DIMM is a Dual In-line Memory Module slot. The DIMM is where you can find your RAM, and the more slots you have, the more memory you’re able to plugin. If you want to extend the amount of memory your base motherboard can support, it’s important to find a product with plenty of DIMM slots.

Who makes the best motherboards?

There are plenty of companies out there who make fantastic motherboards with amazing features and high-end quality. Our list tended to focus on GIGABYTE and Asus as their products were some of the best we’ve encountered. If you’re looking for a dependable motherboard, one of the best places to start is with the company. Find a manufacturer who has a reputation for making high-quality products and see what they have to offer.

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