Has it been a long time since you had a good night’s sleep? Maybe it is time to buy a new mattress? Here are the best mattresses you can find!

It would be awesome to hit the sack and sleep like a log; however, many Canadians are sleep-deprived. Research reveals that poor quality of sleep is prevalent among adults. Are you one of them? Have you ever thought that this could be due to a poor mattress?

Indeed, stress and other psychological problems are the number one reason for poor sleep quality; yet, we need to address everything here. There are physiological reasons behind short sleep times, waking up tired, insomnia, as well.

So, if you think it is high time to change your mattress once and for all, we are going to give you a detailed review of the best mattress brands in Canada.

Our List of the Best Canadian Mattresses

  1. Classic Brands Cool Gel Memory Foam – Bed in a Box – Best Canadian Mattress
  2. Classic Brands Gramercy Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress – Best Firm Mattress
  3. Emma Mattress Memory Foam Mattress – Best Canadian Mattress in a Box
  4. LinenSpa Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress
  5. Endy Mattress 10-inch Foam Mattress
  6. Lucid 12-inch Latex Hybrid Mattress
  7. Tastelife 12-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress
  8. Casper Element Mattress

1. Classic Brands Cool Gel Memory Foam – Bed in a Box

best Canadian mattressClassic Brands is a versatile brand that manufactures beds, mattresses, bed accessories, and everything related to bed. The Cool Gel model is a memory foam mattress with 14-inch height, 60-inch width, and 80-inch length.

This is the best Canadian mattress for a reason. Its medium firmness level is good for any type of sleeper. If you are sleeping on your side, you will not wake up with pins and needles on your arms. Similarly, sleeping on your stomach or back will not cause any pressure on your stomach or back pain.

When we compare it with the other memory foam beds on our list, it shines in many different aspects. Its edge is much superior to the other beds, while the medium foam is right at the middle on the plush spectrum, making it great. The other medium foams on the list are either soft-end of the medium foams or thfe firm-end of the medium foams. Classic Brands is probably the standard here.

Size and Features

The mattress comes in all sizes, which have particularly a nice design for different sleeping partners. You will not feel anything if your partner tosses and turns all night long, thanks to its superior design. This mattress features a stretch-knit fabric that extends its durability over time.

The Cool Gel 2.0 has a medium-plush feel, which determines its firmness. Its primary material is memory foam with gel infusion. This maximizes the mattress breathability, which is good for a good night’s sleep if you sleep hot. A good mattress needs to breathe easily to not feel hot on a warm summer night and cold winter night.

The feel is a lot better than the other memory foam beds on our list. The only mattress that can reach this level of feel is our number 4, LinenSpa. However, LinenSpa can be too soft for many people who like a bit of firmness in their mattresses. Even though all the beds on our list pass the test when it comes to comfortability, this one is comfortable for most sleepers, whether they are side-sleepers or back-sleepers.

The cover has a waterfall edge. Let me explain this a bit: It must have happened to every one of us at some point in our lives. We wake up at night, and we find ourselves right at the edge of the bed, just as we are about to fall from the bed. This is even a bigger issue for side sleepers.

However, when you buy the Classic Brands Cool Gel mattress, this will not be a potential danger for you, thanks to its well-designed edge. As we mentioned in the introduction, this waterfall edge makes Classic Brands unique compared to the others.


The last thing about its features is that the mattress has the CertiPUR certificate, which ensures that the mattress does not go to waste due to bacteria, mites, or any other microbes. However, all of the beds on the list have the CertiPUR certificate, so we cannot say this is a great plus on this best list.

Mattress Structure

The last part of our review is devoted to the structure of the mattress. The mattress’s base is a high-density foam that is 8.5 inches high. Then, there is 2-inch soft support foam which provides rebound and bouncy feeling. Lastly, there is the 3.5-inch gel memory foam that gives a contouring sleep surface.

You should note that this is a bed-in-the-box type of mattress which is easy to carry around. There are also two foam pillows in the box, which are a good replacement for your old mattress. The others do not have any pillows in their boxes when it comes to the pillows, so it is a factor that clinches its number 1 spot.


To sum up, it has great edges and is the most comfortable bed you can sleep in. Its medium-plush is the optimal one for a different types of sleepers.


  • Great breathability
  • Keeps warmth away
  • High durability


  • It can be too soft for firm mattress lovers
Check the price on Amazon

2. Best Mattress for Back Pain Canada – Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress

As we mentioned in our introduction part, innerspring and memory foam mattresses have their advantages; what if we said there is a bed that can combine the best of each? The Classic Brands Gramercy mattress combines the wrapped-coil innerspring mattress with the gel. What does it bring? It brings the ultimate sleeping experience as it has both greater support and more incredible response.

It is our second pick by a slim margin as it is a jack of all, master of none type of mattress. If it mastered everything, it would have been a clear favourite.

Although we have some hybrid mattresses, this is the greatest performer of all. Generally, hybrid mattresses are quite tricky as their contents and technology differ a lot from each other. Yet, we believe Classic Brands Hybrid is the best in this aspect compared to LinenSpa and Lucid. Its innerspring brings a bouncier feeling, while memory foam grants greater firmness.

Size and Features

This one is even better for couples who have different sleeping attitudes when it comes to its features. For example, if you move around while asleep, your partner will not notice that, thanks to its wrapped coils. These coils minimize the motion transfer; however, we need to say that this is not as good as the innerspring mattresses.

When we compare the motion isolation with the others, this even outperforms our number 1 list, the other Classic Brands. For instance, if your partner comes to bed after you, only with Classic Brands Hybrid and Lucid will you not notice the first laying action. Tastelife and LinenSpa are the worst in this category. We chose Classic Brands Hybrid over Lucid because the Classic Brands Hybrid mattress absorbs everything possible while Lucid’s mattress does “almost everything” level.

Similarly, the gel-infused foam layer is good for breathability, keeps the heat away from the body. However, this is at a quite good level thanks to its multi-layered foams. Cooling section is not so professional in this mattress. We cannot say it is paltry, but it is lower than the first Classic Brands and LinenSpa mattresses, respectively.

The firmness level is medium, which can again be too soft for people who enjoy firmer mattresses. That being said, we think it is one of the best performers for people with back or neck pain compared to the other mattresses. There is a better one when it comes to back pains and neck pains; however, being the second on this aspect is not bad, for sure.

Classic Brands designers have used the top-notch quality memory foam here, allergen-resistant, mould-resistant, and everything harmful-resistant.

Mattress Structure

The mattress has a base of the wrapped innerspring layer while possessing four different foam layers. An innerspring layer is a better performer for not disturbing your partner. Then, there is the comfort foam layer, gel memory foam layer, soft comfort foam, and gel-infused memory foam. These are all good for air circulation inside the mattress and keeping the excess body heat from the surface.

Another thing is that this is another bed-in-the-box type of mattress which means that you do not need people to help you move it. You just take it out of its box, and that is pretty much all.

The only thing that could have been better is that we would have liked to see a pair of pillows in it to complete the set.


We think it is a great idea to design such a mattress using the two most popular mattress materials. Motion transfer is at the lowest level, which is a great advantage.


  • Minimum motion transfer
  • Great performer for back pain


  • Lack of pillows
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3. Best Box Mattress Canada – Emma Memory Foam Firm Mattress

Do you want to sleep on a mattress that can hug you right after you lay on it? Then, the Emma mattress is right for you. The incredible European style design supports your back, hips, and neck with no mistakes.

The good thing Emma offers is that you can have 100 nights as part of the trial and return the bed without giving any reason. As this is another bed-in-the-box, the setup cannot get any easier.

Size and Features

The Emma mattresses come in all sizes, ranging from Twin to California King size. It is pretty much the Canadian standards even though the design is European and the manufacture is American.

When we are talking about the back and neck pains, Emma is the best performer here on this list, by far. You can say goodbye to your chronic pains resulting from bad mattress quality. This is the reason why it ranked this high on this list.

Yes, the memory foam’s overall quality does this at a perfect level. In addition to that, it has a great anti-motion transfer property that nearly levels itself with an innerspring mattress. So, an ever-moving partner will not disturb you at all. However, you will feel it in the first laying moment, unlike Classic Brands Hybrid and Lucid.

The firmness level is medium, which is good for all types of sleepers. Compared to the first Classic Brands, this one is on the soft-end of the medium foams.

One last thing about its properties is that the mattress brings sweat-free nights for hot sleepers thanks to its Emma Memory Foam. However, when we compare it with our other choices, this mattress is a bit worse in this part. The only mattress Emma performs better is Lucid, and Lucid is pretty problematic in this case. So, I do not know if we can consider it as a success story.

The Emma brand trusts its products and gives 10 years of warranty. They deliver it all around Canada with no shipping fee. Some brands on this list do not have shipping fees, just like Emma; however, make sure that they have not changed it at the time of your reading.

Mattress Structure

Three layers create the whole mattress. The first one is the base foam, then there is the soft supporting foam, and there is the gel-infused foam. This type of mattress structure assures that your mattress will be as durable as it can.

Additionally, we usually would expect some chemical smell when you take the mattress right out of the box; however, the friend I told about said that he had no problem like that. If you are allergic to chemical smells, that is a good plus, too.


All in all, Emma Mattress is a great mattress for people who demand a mixture of comfort and support. Thanks to its design, your spine stays aligned no matter how you sleep. Even though it is less affordable than the other ones, we can consider this a steal at this price.


  • Very stylish
  • The top-of-the-line memory foam quality
  • Pain-free nights


  • Hotter nights than the others
Check the price on Amazon

4. LinenSpa Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress

We like the hybrid mattresses, and this is the second hybrid one on our list. We want the LinenSpa hybrid mattress as it greatly reduces running hot and increases the breathability of the mattress.

This is the softest bed in the LinenSpa production line. So, if you like your bed to hug you nicely, you can consider this is the best choice for you. Also, this is the softest bed on our list as well. For just a bit softer mattress, you need to check our last pick on the list.

Size and Features

Well, I had the chance to try the California King size of this mattress, and in my point of view, this has the softest touch on our list even though it is not a fully innerspring mattress. It comes in all sizes, and you can choose fitting bedframes while buying it.

It comes with a 10-year warranty against manufacturer defects which means you should protect it against stains or other customer-related deformities. We would recommend a mattress cover not only for this mattress but for any mattress you want.

Maybe, we should light up the “gel-infusion” a bit. Normally, memory foams do not dissipate the heat locked in the foam. However, this technology allows the heat goes out of the mattress. This will provide you with a more comfortable night’s sleep.

If there is one thing that LinenSpa performs at a great level, it is its breathability. We believe the first Classic Brands and LinenSpa have a close fight in this aspect. If you are sleeping hot and like soft and breathing beds, LinenSpa is the right choice.

When it comes to moving around the bed with a partner, this bed does not perform the best. You will not feel it as if somebody is shaking you, of course; however, the comparison between this and the other mattresses on our list shows that this is below-average in this part.

Mattress Structure

The mattress comes with 8-, 10- or 12-inch height options, and the rest of the measurements are pretty standard. Let’s see what the details of the mattress have shown. At the base, there are the coils. These coils are individually encased so that they will increase their durability. Then, the comfort foam works as a transitional foam between the coils and the gel-infused memory foam. The last part is the gel-infused memory foam that makes this bed so soft and conforming.

The coils are quite responsive, and these are very durable ones, to be honest. Thanks to these coils, you will feel your bed is bouncier. When it comes to bouncing, you should check other hybrid mattresses on the list as well. Memory foams are not bouncy as expected.


In general, we like this bed as it is very comfortably soft. If you are a side sleeper, this might be the best choice for you on this list. Breathability is perfect for hot sleepers.


  • Great durability
  • Softest mattress
  • Awesome breathability


  • Prickly coils after long use
Check the price on Amazon

5. Endy Mattress 10-inch Foam Mattress

Endy is a Canadian brand that received the Techweek Top Innovator Award at some point. The mattress comes in a box that is the size of a hockey bag, and they send it to every Canadian province free of charge.

If you are allergic to latex, you should note that the Endy 10-inch Foam mattress does not contain latex and is non-toxic. The only latex on the list is coming right after this, so 6 out of 7 mattresses have your back.

Size and Features

We had the chance to see its King Size; it is safe to say that all six sizes provide great comfort, firmness, and support. The bed sits at a 10-inch height.

The Endy mattress is quite comfortable, and its plush is the softer end of the medium plush range. So, it is not as soft as LinenSpa while not as firm as medium-firm Classic Brands Cool Gel. It is quite optimal for people who turn around while sleeping. It supports you while sleeping on your back or stomach, while it is also good for side sleepers as the memory foam hugs you conveniently.

Endy uses a unique technology they call “open-air cell foam” for pressure relief, giving you relief and contours your body. This air cell foam acts as a shock absorber for individuals, causing the air stuck in the foam to release independently. It results in pressure relief in the back and the hip. This is the main reason why we love Endy’s technology over others. The other beds on the list generally use a more traditional mattress production technology. The Endy engineers have been trying a new thing.

The mattress also reduces motion transfer. Normally, an innerspring mattress is a better performer here; however, the Endy mattress does it well. Of course, we cannot say that it is as good as Lucid or Classic Brands, but it is neck and neck for the third spot.

Mattress Structure

The mattress consists of four different layers, three of which are foam layers, while one of them is the cover. The first part is the base foam thicker than usual to give you more firmness than soft bases. It supports your body well if you sleep on your face down.

The second part is the transition foam, which is much softer than your regular mattresses to decrease the motion transfer. This part works exceptionally well.

The last foam layer is the Endy comfort foam. We would have liked to see a gel-infused foam to see more breathability in the mattress; however, the open-air cell foam structure is here to do the task.

The top layer is the micro-quilted cover. It is a good thing that this mattress comes with a cover. If you want to remove and wash the cover, feel free to do so. You can use your washing machine to wash it.


To sum up, our reason to like this brand is its technology. Its open-air cell foam structure is state-of-the-art. Also, thanks to its good design, the motion transfer outperforms many other mattresses on our list.


  • Ultra-comfortable
  • Nice body and neck support
  • Good for various sleepers


  • Not gel-infused foam
Check the price on Amazon

6. Lucid 12-inch Latex Hybrid Mattress

Lucid is an American brand producing mattresses, mattress toppers, covers, and many other things related to having a sound sleep. This specific mattress is a combination of a steel coil innerspring system and memory foam. If you are hesitant to purchase a full memory foam mattress since a bad product may cause longevity and durability problems, Lucid is an excellent choice.

Size and Features

All 6 sizes of the Lucid Latex Hybrid mattresses are 10 or 12 inches high, depending on your choice. However, we get to try the 12-inch version, so this review is more about the 12-inch. Yet, we do not think it would differ greatly for the 10-inch one.

I think this one is the most stylish and elegant-looking mattress on our list. It has two tones design; the base is blackish grey while the top is pure white.

Right out of the box, the mattress has no odour problem, no chemical smell, or anything similar to that. I think this is an upside to the fact that the mattress is a hybrid one. Less memory foam means less smell.

Lucid, as we said before, has almost no motion transfer. Its isolation transfer is so low that you can do sit-ups on your part of the bed, and your partner will not notice.

One bad thing as a comparison! Keeping the heat away is an issue here. We discredited the Emma mattress before; however, Lucid is the worst one here by far and wide. It is problematic both in winter and summer.

As it has steel coils in the base, you will not think about your partner’s movement in the bed. It isolates the movement well, while memory foam provides support. However, the overall quality of memory foam is below average compared to the rest of our list.

Mattress Structure

The mattress is fifty percent coil and fifty percent memory foam. The base steel coils are good for anti-motion transfer as well as improving air movement inside the mattress. Then, there is the 2-inch high support foam so that you will not feel the steel coils on your back which works just fine but could be thicker.

Lastly, there is the real latex and gel-infused memory foam blend. It gives you softer plush; however, it is bad for people who are allergic to latex.


If you are looking for a good mattress for movement transfer, this is your choice. It looks stylish, almost like a very high-end product. However, hot sleepers, you can pass this.


  • Great style
  • Good movement isolation


  • Hotter than the others
Check the price on Amazon

7. Tastelife 12-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Tastelife products are splendid for people who want to enjoy a good night’s sleep. So, the brand designed this mattress to maximize this. It has a silk cover. If you need to sleep soundly, then you will love the design of this specific mattress.

The other designs on our list do not have silk covers, and I would like to point out that Tastelife made a great choice here. The feeling when you lay on the bare mattress is a lot better than the others.

Let’s get to it.

Size and Features

The Tastelife mattress comes with a 12-inch height option, and this is the only option. The mattress has a technology that ensures that the mattress will come odourless right out of the box. You just need to take it out of the box and place it on your bed frame. It will expand itself with a few hours, but we recommend not sleeping on it on your first night.

The Tastelife mattress fits your body completely and holds your body parts evenly. It does not take pressure from the back and transmits it onto your neck, unlike many other mattresses do. You will not have any pain in your back or neck anymore. Does it perform as well as the others? I think it sits at number 3 on this aspect. Yes, you will not wake up with a stiff neck or back, and it supports the body quite well.

The breathability is very competitive on our list. You will see that all the brands claim that “awesome breathability”; however, not all can achieve that. Tastelife is one of the achievers, though.

Durability is, unfortunately, an issue here. We did not even mention the others’ durability as it is the standard here. We felt the need to say it here as, unfortunately, many people complained that they needed to change their mattress after a year or two. It seems like their foam quality is not top-notch compared to the rest of the list.

Mattress Structure

As we said, there are four foam layers in the mattress. However, its design is a bit different from the other mattresses on our list. It has a comfortable foam as a base, then the high-density foam succeeds. This allows your body to feel firmness even better. It is typically bad for side sleepers, but they overcome that problem by adding two more layers instead of one. The thick gel foam and the inflatable foam add a very soft feeling to the mattress.

Then, the breathable silk cover completes the set. The silk cover is very high-quality that you can feel its softness beneath your linen.


To sum up, Tastelife has the most compelling cover on our list while being above average in breathability and body support. These are all good aspects. If everything was okay, why would we place it in the sixth spot? It is because we attach too much importance to durability.


  • Great silk cover feeling
  • Nicely hugging foam


  • Questionable durability
  • You can only buy this mattress online on their website

8. Casper Element Mattress

Casper created a super hype with this model in 2019, and the hype still went on in 2020. The hype is due to the mattress earning a spot in TIME Magazine’s best inventions. So, it earns a spot on our list, as well.

Size and Features

The mattress’s height is 11 inches, and its design offers convenience in every sense. The colour of the mattress is charcoal to hide any spill, splotch, or stain. The other mattresses on our list have lighter colours as a side note. So, we believe the difference in design is the easiest to detect.

When the product arrives, I would say this is not the easiest unboxing and unpacking task. The plastic wrap is hard to remove. However, when you unbox and place it in your bed frame, it expands very swiftly, almost like a split second. At first, it has some chemical smell; yet, it dissipates in three or four hours maximum. As this is something we have not experienced with others, we think it is important to note here.

Casper’s body support is the worst on our list. Sure, it does not mean that you will have terrible back and neck pains, but it just means that it does not support as much as the others.

It is another medium foam like many others here. However, it is on the harder end of the medium spectrum. It would be good for stomach-sleepers than other medium foams that are softer.

Another thing we should mention is its motion transfer. Even though this is not one of the things that the brand claims to have, it is better than most of the mattresses out of these 7 mattresses.

Mattress Structure

The base foam bolsters higher layers and adds durability and stability to the mattress. Then, there is the memory foam which supports the pressure points on your body. The top layer, on the other hand, pairs breathability with bounce. Lastly, the cover is of great material for years of use.

This 4-layer structure type is unique on the list. It is much better than the others in this facet.


Lastly, people who lay on their stomachs while sleeping love this mattress. Its design manifests itself while some technical features like body support and the chemical smell make up its negative sides.


  • Nicely-designed 4-layer structure
  • Convenience
  • Soft as air


  • Hard unpacking
Check the price on Amazon

Your First Time Buying a Mattress? Here Is a Quick Buyer’s Guide!

What do you need to look for in a good mattress?

The most popular mattresses usually have three types: foam mattresses, innerspring mattresses, and adjustable mattresses. You should note that one does not beat another; however, there are better types of different varieties of sleeping. If you like sleeping on your side, you need softer mattresses. Sleeping on the back means you need a firmer mattress, while sleeping face down requires you to buy as firm as possible.

So, your sleeping style matters. Not everyone has the same preferences as their partners so, if you have different sleeping styles, you need to look for some mattresses with dual chambers. You can combine different types in one bed.

Innerspring Mattresses

If you like the bouncing feel when you sit or jump on your bed, innerspring is the right choice for you. The coils here are quite durable, but sometimes coils might get frustrating as they are worn out. In addition to that, innerspring mattresses utilize pressure relief to support more body weight, and you will feel as if you are sinking into the bed. Much like a weighted blanket, this can help with a better night’s sleep by reducing anxiety when falling asleep.

Memory Foam Mattresses

As we talked about pressure relief before, memory foams are the ultimate solution to this problem as it exhibits even more pressure relief. If you want to have a better quality foam, you need to check the density of the foam.

Another thing that memory foam is good for is that if you have back or neck problems, this is the right material for you. Most memory foams also have some cooling technologies in them to help regulate body temperature at night.

Almost every foam mattress is anti-allergenic and anti-microbial so that you will not have to worry about possible negative effects.

When to Renew Your Mattress

Warranty does not mean your manufacturer will cover everything. For example, if your mattress has some dirt on it because you did not use a protector or topper, your warranty will not be valid for many manufacturers.

So, ask your manufacturer before buying how to keep your warranty valid. At normal times, the mattresses, overall, continue to serve you for about 10 years. However, if you have alarming signals, you should be thinking of buying a new one. The alarming signals are the likes of waking up sore, lumpy feel, saggy mattress, and so on.

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