Best LED Grow Lights Canada

We searched through hundreds of grow light products to find the five best LED grow lights available in Canada for your indoor growing adventures. Each device on our list strives to offer you the best grow light service available while reserving your overall energy consumption. Buying the right light is more than knowing the reviews and ratings of a lamp. We have provided a buyer’s guide at the end to help you make the best purchase for your growing needs.

Our Top 5 Best LED Grow Lights Canada Reviewed

  1. BESTVA DC Series 3000W Grow Light (Our Top Pick)
  2. King Plus 3000W Double Chips LED Grow Light
  3. NOAH-S LED 1000W Grow Light
  4. Phlizon 600W LED Plant Grow Light

We have limited our list to the top five best LED grow light options that we feel will suit your indoor growing needs. All of these grow lights are available for sale in Canada. Every device on this list is capable of full-spectrum lighting, which will provide your plants with natural sun and a similar environment which they would experience outside. While we have a favourite, the BESTVA DC Series, every light on this list is fantastic and could be the better option for you. You can’t go wrong with any of these lights.

1. BESTVA DC Series 3000W Grow Light

This device has made improvements upon some of the industry’s most coveted features. The BESTVA DC Series 3000W Grow Light unit consists of 300 dual-chip 10W LED lights, which provide a brighter and more effective glow than regular single-chip units. The light includes nine different bands of LEDs to provide a full spectrum glow that will help plants grow at all stages – seeding through flowering. The powerful cooling system on this device will keep your tent protected from overheating. It only consumes 615 watts while producing the highest Lumen count per watt. It runs about 50-60 degrees F cooler than most other LED lights.

Our Take

This is one of the most powerful devices on this list. BESTVA has worked to create a near-perfect indoor grow light for you, and their efforts have paid off. The ability to switch between vegetable and flower growth is endlessly useful, as it allows you to use the most efficient and effective light spectrum for each stage of your plants’ lives. You will get 100,000 hours out of this device, which seems to be rather standard throughout the industry. The brightness you receive from this device is insane and dwarfs that of other LED grow lights.

Our favourite feature of this device is how much plants seem to love the light. The difference between this device and the NOAH-S grow light is how bright it can get. The energy expended by this device will keep your plants happy and healthy for their entire growing season and beyond. An issue that we have encountered is the lifespan of individual LED bulbs. Some bulbs seem to die out after a few months of use, but the company takes great pride in their service and will have new ones out to you ASAP.


  • Brighter glow from the duel series
  • Vegetable/Flower switching
  • Strong cooling system
  • Best lumen per watt output


  • Some bulbs die after a few months
  • Fan noise can get rather loud

2. King Plus 3000W Double Chips LED Grow Light

The double chip 10W LED bulbs allows this device to consume a similar range of wattage for a higher output. The King Plus 3000W Double Chips LED Grow Light device can replace your typical 1400W device with a similar energy consumption and a brighter yield. Your plants will receive anywhere from 380nm to 780nm of natural light, which will help them grow throughout their growing season. The cooling system on this light employs multiple high-speed mute fans, which will keep it around 50-60 degrees F cooler than some competitors. The cooling system is similar to that of the BESTVA DC light and will range around the same temperature.

Our Take

This is one of the best larger area lights on the market. When compared to the BESTVA or the NOAH-S, it more than holds its own. The output might not be as excellent as the BESTVA, but the features and lower energy consumption make it an excellent choice. The 10W light bulbs allow for a brighter shine that will help your plants grow faster and more effectively. This product switches seamlessly from bloom to veg and anywhere in between so that you can produce multiple variants in one space. If you’re looking for a strong spread of light, more than smaller devices can provide, the light production and energy consumption this device offers is nearly unmatched.

When utilized at a lower level of light output, it can be lacking, but when in full brightness, it’s 100% effective. We had a few issues with the bulbs dying after only a few weeks of use, but the company was more than helpful in getting us set up with replacements.


  • Seamless veg/bloom switching
  • Quality cooling system
  • 10W LED bulbs
  • Similar watt consumption to smaller devices


  • Not as effective at lower settings
  • Bulbs can die pretty quickly

3. NOAH-S LED 1000W Grow Light

This 1000W light was designed to prevent fires from happening. The manufacturer has stated that you will not experience any burning on your plants due to the materials being 100% fire-proof. The NOAH-S LED 1000W Grow Light lamp works to provide you with a full spectrum bloom and veg grow light. Much like the BESTVA DC lamp, you’re able to switch in between the settings.

Our Take

When it says 1000W, it’s important to remember that it means that it is rated to have a light output equivalent to 1000W incandescent light bulb. However, since LED technology is much more efficient, the average consumption will be around 200W – this is traditional advertising for grow lights. When compared to the BESTVA DC lamp, it isn’t as powerful, but the spread and coverage available could be higher. You’re certainly getting more wattage than the Phlizon, but the consumption will be higher. Our favourite feature of this product was the 90/120 mixed LED angles. It allowed for higher lumen output and was brighter than most 3W or 5W bulbs.

This device is quite effective at switching between veg and bloom settings, even offering a cross over option. It rivals the BESTVA for effectiveness and surpasses the MARS HYDRO in terms of coverage. One issue we found with it was the low power it needs. While having lower power consumption is typically a good thing, on the veg setting, it only consumes around 60 watts, which is certainly not enough to power it. It’s an effective and high-quality device otherwise, but the low consumption was concerning.


  • Angled LEDs offer more light
  • Quality veg/bloom switching
  • 100% fireproof materials


  • Low watt consumption is concerning
  • Loud fans

4. Phlizon 600W LED Plant Grow Light

Much like the NOAH-S grow light, the Phlizon 600W LED Plant Grow Light device utilizes angled lights to provide brighter output for less consumption. It completely gets rid of the reflective material in an attempt to avoid catching fire. Typically, at higher temperatures, the reflective material can be rather flammable, and thus they have removed it entirely. You won’t get as strong of a light as you would with the MARS HYDRO, but the attempts to remove the threat of fire are appreciated. The consumed wattage is much lower than the 600W rating suggest, just like for all of the grow lights listed on this list.

Our Take

This is a dependable and durable grow light. It has many of the same features as other products on this list, but it makes excellent use of each one. If you’re looking for a safe and effective way to grow your plants indoors that won’t consume too much energy. This device is cool to the touch even after hours of use. Because of the lack of a reflective material, it won’t necessarily be as pretty as other products. Still, it will be much less-flammable in the event of a short circuit, something we highly appreciated when using it.

The double cooling fans can get rather noisy the more you use the light, but having them will significantly extend the lifespan of the device. It seemed as though its main focus was to keep the device cool and avoid the threat of catching fire. In their strides to provide this fire protection, they lacked some capabilities found in other products on this list. Overall, it’s a fantastic product that will offer you small area coverage.


  • Double cooling fans
  • Removed threat of fire
  • Low energy consumption
  • View angled LED lights


  • Closer to a 100W output
  • Smaller coverage area than others


If you’re looking for an effective way to keep a small area of plants healthy and growing, the MARS HYDRO TS 600W LED is a fantastic grow light option. Rated at 600W, you’re looking at a much smaller product than the 3000W BESTVA DC Series lamp. Still, for 600W of energy, 225 LEDs, and an area coverage of 2′ by 2′, you’re only looking at 100W of consumption. The base lumen output of this device (591μmol/m²s) won’t be as high as the BESTVA or the NOAH-S, but the reflector mode allows for up to 20% more light to be emitted which helps stimulate indoor growth. The aluminum body help disperse heat quickly and effectively.

Our Take

When it comes to simulating natural sunlight, this 600W light is one of the best out there. The spectrum available on this device will keep your plants growing from the seeding phase through to the bloom phase. If you’re looking for a small area grower that can handle your plants from beginning to end, this might be the lamp for you. The output it provides only consumes 100W so that you won’t be looking at extreme energy bills at the end of each month. The plants will respond almost immediately when you begin to utilize this lamp.

The one glaring issue about this device is the lack of fans. While it’s great to have a product that doesn’t make too much noise when it begins to overheat, the aluminum body doesn’t seem to be enough to disperse the heat completely. This could damage your plants if the device gets too hot. The dimmer feature allows you to control your plant’s environment even more, one of the strong suits of this device.


  • Low watt consumption, high Lumen output
  • Great for smaller spaces
  • Reflector design increases light by 20%
  • Dimmer feature controls environment


  • No form of cooling other than aluminum

A Buyer’s Guide for Your LED Grow Lights

When you’re searching for the perfect LED grow light for you, you’ll want to be wary of exciting features that don’t provide much for your plants. We have compiled a few tips that could come to be rather useful when searching for a grow light. Keep in mind there are plenty more features that could be necessary for your plant growth, but the three sections we mention below typically help you to know whether the light is quality or not.


Many of the best grow lights will have the ability to switch between spectrums optimized for vegetation and flowering or blooming stages of plant growth. In the vegetation stage, the plant is focusing its energy on growing bigger and developing more leaves. For this stage, you usually need a light that is white or white/blue LED lights as your primary source of lighting as they emit UV rays that help plants grow best. During flowering, plants require more red light. Some of the LED grow lights cannot switch between various spectrums. Usually, this type of light use both white/blue and red ranges at all times. The advantage of lights that can switch between spectrums is that you can save some electricity.

How Much Energy is Being Used?

You don’t want to break the bank with your grow lights. They expend a lot of energy and thus will require some to work correctly. You’ll want to focus your search on lights that give you plenty for what they require and export plenty of energy for the amount they take in. An LED light with a 600W rating should consume around 100W, and the scale grows exponentially. Even if your device is rated at 2000 Watt, you can expect it to consume much less than that.

Sizing Options for Your Space

Be mindful of what space you have available and what size lamp would best suit your area. If you have a small area set aside with a compact grow tent, you won’t want a device that has a massive spread of coverage. Keep your space in mind when you’re shopping for a grow light.


Finding the perfect LED grow light can be difficult, but if you keep these tips in mind when shopping, you’ll find the ideal lamp for your needs. Each of the five lights on the list we have provided are of some of the highest quality you will find. The features they offer are above many competitors and will provide you with some of the best plant growth you will encounter. Find your perfect LED grow light today!

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