While Canada is a country of both active and relaxed people, most of them own at least one pair of compression socks. Wearing compression socks can lower the risks of heart problems, prevent blood clots, and even promote healthier leg and calf muscles.

After reviewing all the compression socks, we have gathered ten of the best compression socks in Canada. You can check them out below.

Our List of the Best Compression Socks in Canada

  1. Physix Gear Sport Compression Socks (20-30 mmHg)
  2. Cambivo 2 Pairs (20-30 mmHg) Compression Stockings
  3. +MD Cushion Graduated (8-15mmHg) High Compression Socks – Our Choice
  4. SAMA DILIGENCE (20-30 mmHg) Compression Socks
  5. SB SOX (20-30mmHg) Compression Stockings
  6. ACEXY (15-20 mmHg) Comfortable Compression
  7. HTINXED (20-30mmHg) Compression Socks
  8. ONYEAHUS Low Cut Running Gym Socks
  9. Deilin Graduated (20-30 mmHg) Knee High Compression Socks
  10. Miracle Copper Anti-Fatigue Socks

1. Physix Gear Sport (20-30 mmHg) Sport Compression Socks

This Physix stamina socks brand focuses on the comfortability and style of every compression pair they offer. However, their compression socks bring relief to your legs and calves after a day of standing and walking. Anyone can wear compression socks. As doctors recommend them, you wouldn’t worry much about the pressure. Overall they are excellent for everyday use as well.


  • Various sizes available
  • Good compression pressure
  • Comfortable and is designed for everyday use


  • User reported visible damaged or tussled stitching
  • It has an odd-shaped toe seam
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2. Cambivo 2 Pairs (20-30 mmHg) High Compression Stockings

Like all compression socks brands, Cambivo promotes a healthy lifestyle for its customers. Their compression socks attest to their vision of promoting better leg health with their 3D-knitted technology. Nevertheless, it makes every pair suitable for the active type, especially nurses and those who are always travelling.

Because of the anti-slip-off rim, it keeps the sock in place even after a long day of use. They also come with various compression pressure levels suitable for every type.


  • Made of moisture-wicking fabric
  • Hypoallergenic and doesn’t retain foot odor
  • Thin material but lasts longer
  • Graduated compression


  • Starting compression pressure is tighter than indicated
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3. +MD Cushion Graduated (8-15mmHg) High Compression Socks

The +MD Cushion Graduated compression socks from +MD are tailored for formal attire. Its white, mixed material of cotton, spandex, and nylon gives every pair a stylish appeal that blends well with office uniforms. Its low compression pressure still provides ample support for proper blood flow after a day of standing and sedentary movements. Like all compression socks, it supports leg health, prevents varicose veins, and leg fatigue. Its look and feel makes them stand out.


  • Made of premium content
  • Tear-resistant and excellent fit
  • Cushioned sole makes it dry and warm on the feet


  • Pairs aren’t machine-washing ready
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4. SAMA DILIGENCE (20-30 mmHg) Socks

One of the many yet excellent sporting compression socks is these pairs from SAMA DILIGENCE. The one thing this brand boasts is the ability to gear your legs when pushed to the limits of exercises, such as long-trail hikes and high-intensity leg exercises. The dark and light shades make each pair a stylish accent to your sporting look with wear-resistant material and dry comfort.


  • Breathable and resistant to wear and tear
  • Flexible, shock-absorbing, and lightweight
  • Doesn’t deform quickly
  • Keeps freshness with its anti-bacteria material


  • Sock patterns aren’t very flexible
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5. SB SOX (20-30mmHg) Compression Stockings

While SB SOX is a social media sensation in the compression socks market, it is the all-in-one package that makes it more appealing. Their combination of comfort, style, and a free wellness e-book and wristband gift pack makes this product one that appeals to the active individual. They also offer a 100% money-back guarantee if the socks don’t meet their customer’s expectations. Nevertheless, they assure all with every purchase, as well as overwhelmingly positive feedback on Amazon.


  • Breathable wear
  • Fits snugly on almost every foot size
  • Fits massive and heavy-muscled calves
  • Moderate Compression


  • Doesn’t stay fit and snug for a long time
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6. ACEXY (15-20 mmHg) Comfortable Compression

The most dominating feature in the ACEXY is its more extensive variant of sock designs. You can opt for the plain designs, as well as the playful ones with colourful prints and symbols that suits your fashion and taste. All other features are in this compression sock, plus a money-back offers if it doesn’t meet your expectations.


  • Has more full bands to match calf sizes
  • Doesn’t tear or stiffen when washed by hand on any detergent


  • Padding isn’t enough for sandals and flat shoes
  • Toe seams are noticeable
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7. HTINXED (20-30mmHg) Knee High Comfortable Socks

HTINXED produces a balanced mix of cotton, spandex, and nylon, which is 100% made by them and directly sold from their factories. If you like colour, then this is an excellent choice for you. They come in different designs, and although they have lighter compression, they are incredibly comfortable and warm.


  • Fashionable designs
  • High-quality materials
  • Mild compression
  • Great compression socks even for children and teenagers


  • Tends to tear on the seams after long-time use
  • Has inconsistent compression on every design
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8. ONYEAHUS Low Cut Running Gym Socks

The one thing we like about the ONYEAHUS Low Cut Running Gym socks pair is that it still has the compression qualities but on a low-cut variant. Although they do not look like a compression sock, they still have all the stitches and pressure points typically found in high-cut compression socks. Overall, they are the best for casual sportswear and everyday use.


  • Works effectively with high cuts and below-the-knee hems
  • The casual design makes it perfect for everyday use


  • There is no padding on the heels
  • It doesn’t do well with blood pressure regulation
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9. Deilin Graduated (20-30 mmHg) Knee High Compression Socks

Premium nylon and spandex mix make this compression socks lightweight and flexible for sporting activities and strenuous activities. The Deilin Graduated is durable enough to support the lower limbs without discounting comfort. It has little design variants but more extended sizes and graduated compression for better support on blood flow in the lower limbs.


  • Stretchable material
  • Comfortable pair with ample foot padding
  • Flexible and durable for all types of activities


  • Can loosen after multiple uses
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10. Miracle Copper Anti-Fatigue Socks

While this compression sock appears on television ads and shopping networks, the Miracle Copper Anti-Fatigue compression socks are also one of the cheapest in the market. Although its compression pressure is at 8-15 mmHg, it aids well in relieving foot pressures, fasciitis, and edema. It has an excellent plain design that fits all fashion types.


  • Anti-microbial material and breathable surface
  • CuTEC copper-infused fibers add more relief to the foot
  • Classic design


  • It doesn’t come in larger sizes
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Buying Guide

To know and understand which pair works best for you, here are some factors you can consider in choosing compression socks. These factors are significant whether you’ll buy your socks online or in-store.

Compression Pressure

The measurement of compression pressure is “millimetres per mercury” or mmHg. It is a standard measurement of blood pressure in the body. The pressure delivered by each pair is calibrated according to the pressure capacity of the lower limbs. This depends on their activity level, especially with long-time standing or walking durations. This factor is also the most significant when buying compression socks because blood pressure affects the equilibrium of body systems.

It is best to consult a medical professional before buying a pair. Especially if you have heart and blood circulation issues, bone defects, and severe muscular edemas, pregnant women may also seek advice from their gynecologists or physicians whenever they want to wear compression socks to support their daily activities.

Sock Dimension and Size

There are conversion charts available online to determine which sock size suits your legs, heels, and feet better. It is essential to know this first before buying as loose compression socks don’t do well in holding on to calves or too tight to wear. For a more comfortable experience, it is imperative to check size charts before purchasing compression socks or adding them to carts for online purchases.

Features and Design

A lot of designs and features offer suitable pairing with your day-to-day fashion and matches well with your regular activities. Sporty individuals may opt for compression socks with sporty features and design. Students and workers may choose the cotton variant with a single colour, either black or white. Compression socks can also present a fashion statement as some pairs have prints on them that are expressive and have a vibrant appeal. It also matches with everyday wear and at-home vibe.


Compression socks are somewhat expensive than regular pairs. However, the benefits it brings to your health makes it an excellent investment. It is better to choose those with the best quality and value for your money. The list in this article features the best compression socks, even highly suggested on Amazon Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to determine which compression pressure works best for me?

It is vital to know your blood pressure first to determine a suitable compression pressure. If you have any existing medical conditions, seek medical advice before buying compression socks. Testimonies regarding lessening of the foot and ankle swelling after wearing compression socks are widespread. They can help you decide whether to engage in one or not. If in doubt, ask a medical professional.

Do every pair of compression socks have adjustable pressure?

Every pair features a graduated compression level, varying from 10 mmHg-15mmHg and 20 mmHg to 30mmHg as most frequent. However, not all of them adjust to the desired compression to ease swelling and support blood circulation in the lower limb. Active individuals with normal blood pressure, however, may opt for the standard compression of 15-20 mmHg to better support the flow of blood in the legs and calves.

What is the technology behind compression socks for various leg problems?

The compression pressure makes every pair an excellent boost in proper blood circulation, which is known to ease various leg problems. Compression socks, unlike other socks, are stitched differently to provide ample compression to the heels, calves, and feet. It is to ensure optimal blood flow and reduce swelling after wearing closed footwear for long periods.

Are compression socks only for active individuals?

Many manufacturers design their products to look like they’re for mountaineers, cyclists, and other active individuals. Nonetheless, they are also best for pregnant women, professionals who are required to stand for long periods, nurses, and even regular users. They wanted to decrease varicose veins or foot swelling. It is also an excellent pair for everyday use.

Does every pair fit all sizes?

Unfortunately, no compression socks fit all sizes yet. Size charts are provided by manufacturers to ensure your pair fits your calves, heels, and feet snugly.


While all on the list offers incredible features, we like the one from +MD with cushioned foot padding. It makes closed flat shoes and sandals more comfortable to wear when having it for a casual outfit or office uniforms. It also adds an extra layer of padding on sports shoes for convenient steps, even on steep hiking trails or more extended standing periods. Overall, the comfort compression socks bring makes it an incredible pair to wear for everyday use.

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