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KMG Gold

KMG Gold® Is The Trusted Authority In Precious Metal Recycling, Providing A Tradition Of Excellence, High Quality And Unparalleled Customer Service. Sell, Buy and Refine Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium - Gold Buyer, USA and Canada
Address: 620-C Academy Road, Winnipeg, MB, R3N 0E6
Phone: 204-452-GOLD (4653)

Winnipeg Gold Buyer

Winnipeg Gold Buyer is fully licensed and equipped to purchase any type of jewellery or precious metals (gold, silver, platinum) in any quantity and at fair market prices. We offer superior cash payment in our private, comfortable and secure locations. Whether you are interested in getting top dollar for your used jewellery and/or coins or want to learn more about investing in physical metals, our professional staff is always happy to help.
Locations & Phone Numbers
Address: 1147 Henderson Highway, Winnipeg, MB, R2G 1L5
Phone: 204-661-GOLD (4653)
Address: 628 St. Anne's Road - Unit F, Winnipeg, MB, R2M 4W3
Phone: 204 233-GOLD (4653)
Canada Winnipeg Personal-Finance Gold-Buyers-Dealers