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Winnipeg Mental Health Therapy & Treatment Services

Anxiety Disorders Association of Manitoba Popular

The Anxiety Disorders Association of Manitoba, Inc. (ADAM) was formed in 1986 by and for people suffering from anxiety disorders. ADAM is a self-help, non-profit association committed to helping individuals who struggle with anxiety disorders. We offer cognitive behavioral groups, ongoing support groups, an information and referral service, and education and public awareness.

Arlene Robinson Therapeutic and General Counselling

Counselling support for adults, adolescents and children facing grief related to loss including: loss of a family member, friend or significant other; pregnancy loss or fertility issues; loss of health due to chronic illness; death of a pet; divorce or separation; loss of a job or mid-life transitions. Using an intuitive, heart-centered approach to therapy and healing to help individuals learn how to embrace and negotiate their own unique healing journey.
Address: 154 Sherbrook Street, Winnipeg, MB R3C 2B4
Phone: (204) 297-4139

Carolyn O. Bergen Counselling Popular

Provides individual therapy for depression, anxiety, grief, anger and other issues. Marital therapy provided to couples. Day and evening appointments available.

Living In Freedom Therapy

Are you struggling with sexually addictive behaviors such as pornography viewing, compulsive masturbation, extramarital affairs, cybersex or illegal sexual activities? Living In Freedom Therapy provides a safe, confidential place to guide you through the process of sex addiction recovery.
Phone: 204-292-5058

MATC Popular

Mental health services for children, youth, adolescents and families, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Russell Counselling

Provides quality professional counselling in-office in St Pierre, MB or toll-free telephone counselling from anywhere in Canada. Day and evening appointments are available. Help for adults who want relief from depression, anxiety, sexual difficulties,relational concerns or pursuing spiritual or personal growth.