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Anders Magic Popular

Don't let his young looks fool you. With 1,000 shows under his belt, Anders is a versatile and flexible entertainer who provides exceptional value with little or no production costs.

Winnipeg magician Chris Funk is captivating and funny, qualities you wouldn't expect from a former Marketing Director. Chris walked away from this position only to walk onto the stage as one of the most sought-after comedy magic acts in Canada today. 1st class entertainment. Guaranteed.
Phone: 204-229-7904

Clowns, Magicians and More!!!

Our shows range from 30 minutes to 45 minutes. They are geared toward all ages and include group participation as well as one-on-one participation.
Address: 980 Kimberly Avenue, Winnipeg, MB, R2K 3S9
Phone: (204) 663-1000

Dean Jenkinson Popular

Manitoba Canada Canadian Stand Up Comedian

Free Ride Popular

In 1980, four young Winnipeg lads got together with an idea of a band which brought together the Worlds Greatest Entertainer's Live on stage. Since the four lads grew up with the Beatles, everyone suggested "Let's do the biggest things that happened to Rock n Roll!" The band started out strictly as a Beatle and 50's Rock n Roll band but after 6 months of unbelievable success the move to find the Elvis and Rolling Stone man was on its way. Accidentally one day in a small Winnipeg Deli, he was found. Elvis and Mick Jagger were now to join forces with the Beatles and the 5O's greasers to finalize the Free Ride Project. The combination project achieved more success than the band could have dreamed of.

James Grant Magician / Hypnotist


Official Homepage of Magician, Magic Joey

Morris Entertainment

Home of the Headliners....Over 45 years of bringing out the stars. Plug into our network and put Morris Entertainment to work for you.

Robin Chestnut


Scott Burton After-Dinner Entertainer and Magician

Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Scott Burton is an Empowerment Entertainer ready to get your guests laughing, participating, and being absolutely amazed at the power and the potential of their own minds.

The Comedy Styles of Jayson Ambrose

Stand-up comedian - illusionist - eMCee / Host and part-time handsome dude for hire!
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