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Hilary Dudding - Criminal Lawyer

Hilary Dudding is a partner at the largest criminal law firm in Toronto. She has successfully defended clients charged with offences including domestic assaults, sexual assaults, guns and drugs, theft, murder and drunk driving. She provides expert assistance with bail, preliminary hearings, trials and appeals.
Address: 36 Lombard Street, Suite 100
Phone: 416 522 5992

Jane Katkova & Associates

We will be happy to see you (or hear from you) in our offices whether you are looking to come to Canada as a visitor, student, worker, or if you are just thinking about making Canada your new home and need advice.
Address: 1110 Finch Ave.W., Suite 908, Toronto, On, M3J 2T2
Phone: (416) 661-4487

John Filiberto Toronto Criminal Laywer

John Filiberto is a criminal defence lawyer practicing in Toronto, Brampton, Newmarket, and Oshawa, Ontario, representing those facing criminal charges including but not limited to murder, guns, drugs, assault, fraud, and drunk driving. Having an experienced and knowledgeable criminal lawyer on your side is your only defence. He is available to work with and along side you through every stage of the criminal court process including bail hearings, trials and appeals for all types of criminal charges.
Address: 36 Lombard St., Suite 100, Toronto, ON, M5C 2X3
Phone: 416-427-4324

Toronto Criminal Lawyer - Leora Shemesh

Leora Shemesh is a Toronto Criminal Lawyer experienced in all areas of legal defence. She prides herself on being available to her clients and as your Toronto Criminal Lawyer, she will represent you passionately with the utmost care and concern. Ms. Shemesh's office is conveniently located in Toronto; however is available to represent clients all over Ontario
Address: 559 College Street, Suite 201 Toronto, ON M6G 1A9
Phone: 416-944-8111

Niren & Associates

Our Immigration Law Firm specializes in preparing applications for Canada and US permanent residence, work permits, study permits and visitation. The Visa applications we prepare for you involve more than just completing forms and collecting documents. Our immigration applications are designed to get results.
Address: 20 Eglinton Ave West Suite 2202, Toronto, ON, Canada M4R 1K8
Phone: 416-410-7484

Levinter & Levinter

Levinter & Levinter is a boutique law firm that specializes in the personal injury field, medical malpractice, accident benefits, product liability.
Address: 1 Richmond Street West Suite 901
Phone: 416-863-1930
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