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Providing competitive wireless products, IPTV Arabic Channels, Unlimited Internet Packages and high-speed data services
1060 Caven st, Mississauga, ON, L5G4J5Phone: 647-625-3777

Toronto High Speed Internet New

Unlimited internet has never been cheaper for Toronto. Reliable service, great value, and no overage fees! Start saving today by calling or signing up online directly here.
1-15450 Yonge Street, Aurora, Ontario, L4G0K1Phone: 877-976-2878

Bell Canada Popular

Bell Canada, a leader in telecom providing wireless products, applications, satellite, e-commerce, Internet access and high-speed data services

Rogers Cable Popular

Canada's largest cable television service provider, provides basic cable services to approximately 2.2 million customers in Ontario, New Brunswick and Newfoundland, offering cable and high definition television, Video-On-Demand, digital television, high-speed Internet access, interactive and enhanced television.

Primus Telecommunications Canada Popular

Primus Canada is a full service telecommunications solutions provider offering bundled Internet, data, paging, long distance and local services.

iSTAR Popular

A large web hosting and Internet service provider offering connectivity throughout Canada, and soon to offer high speed (iSPEED) connectivity, implemented through Nortel Networks' 1-Meg modem technology.

Echo Online Popular

is a Mississauga based ISP, serving the GTA since 1995. Echo Online is highly referred to by its customers and is considered to be one of Toronto's premier Internet Service Providers.

Toronto High Speed Internet Popular

Robust Ultra High Speed Internet can be yours for practically half the price as the competition with no gimmicks, tricks or contracts. We cut out the fine print and bring you true value and performance. We provide high-speed internet throughout all of Ontario and Québec. Reliable service and ultra fast internet is what's making us the best provider in town! No Setup Fee! No Credit Check! No Contract! Toronto High Speed Internet for less.

LOOK Communications Inc. Popular

Canadian ISP; Canada's Provider of Fixed Wireless Broadband Internet Access. ADSL,ISDN,T1,T Popular is a Canadian Fixed Wireless broadband Internet Service Provider. We provide internet access or broadband internet access in the bandwidth range of 1.5Mbps to 100Mbps

Pathway Communications Popular

is a Canadian company engaged in offering integrated Internet solutions to businesses and residential customers. Pathway was established in 1995 and grew from a start-up to one of Canada's largest, privately owned Internet Solutions companies with over 120 employees and metropolitan city locations in three Canadian provinces within five years

Wiznet Inc. Popular

is a Canadian commercial ISP specializing in high-speed, broadband technologies such as Fibre Optics, DSL, Collocation and LAN Support.

MegaStream Popular

MegaStream is proud to offer their customers solid connections and unlimited bandwidth. Customers benefit from brand new Enterprise-Class servers, routers, and switches, and superior backbone connections at 151 Front St. in downtown Toronto. MegaStream specializes in....Premium Adsl Connections (Ontario/Quebec), Business Fiber T1/5M/10M/100M Options (Canada/USA), "Per Minute" VoIP Service, Flat-Rate Canadian Phone Numbers, Flat-Rate USA Phone Numbers, Flat-Rate International Phone Numbers, Premium US/CAN Long Distance, We accept Visa, Mastercard, Paypal Subscription
Phone: 866-928-4812

Network Connection Popular

is the Internet Service Provider of choice for high-speed business Internet access in the Greater Toronto Area. We offer fast, reliable, and easy to use services such as DSL, LAN extensions, server co-location and ISDN. For those with higher bandwidth requirements we also offer T-1 service. Contact Network Connection and let us custom tailor a solution to fit your needs.

IGS Toronto Popular
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