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Andrea Krtolica Popular

Original artwork by Ottawa, Ontario artist Andrea Krtolica

Digital Door

Mary Nunn watermedia artist and teacher. Ian Nunn computer scientist and artist.
Web: Popular

Jean Eid along with other Artists, who joined Philip Craig's Art Studio, established site to enable them to market and sell their original Paintings online. Even though they've been attending Philip Craig's Studio for the past few years, their Artworks are impressionist in style but differ from one artist to another. Some of Jean Eid, Chris Leggett, Steve and John Malak's Paintings are displayed at Koyman Galleries in Ottawa. They also welcome other rising artists who need to market their original Paintings and other artwork online, to join them on this Web site

Kelly McLarnon

The illustration portfolio of Kelly McLarnon :: Stylish, contemporary illustrations for fashion, advertising, editorial, corporate and other uses

Marcia Lea Popular

Marcia Lea teaches art classes in Ottawa Ontario at Studio M, 180 Metcalfe Street Ottawa. From beginners to advanced, children and adults.

Portraitist Christine Belanger

Canadian Artist Christine Belanger creates high quality portraits and drawings in soft pastels.


Oil paintings, watercolours, web design, animation, graphics, originals and reproductions

Saphire band | Ottawa based rock/pop musicians

Combining rock, pop, psychedelic elements and lush vocals, with a heavy emphasis on deep melodies and metaphorical lyric content - Saphire is a rock band from Ottawa, Canada.

Spinning Madly ...turning fallen wood into art

Original artwork in wood, stone, and multimedia. Created by Sinead & Andree, Spinning Madly in Ottawa, Ontario Canada