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Jacox Harley-Davidson Popular

located in Mississauga, Ontario, commenced operations in 1991 and has grown to become one of the largest exclusive Harley-Davidson dealerships in Canada. Company president Patrick Jacox and general manager/partner Marshall Horner bring almost 70 years of management experience and a strong commitment to customer service to the daily operation of their dealership.

Riders Choice! Popular

Riders Choice is Canada ’s first choice for riders to better themselves. We are a store focused on the rider - to provide a new, unique level of service and support that riders are seeking. The motorcycle community is a family of people who are passionate about their sport, their bikes and the gear they wear. Riders Choice is a full service facility specializing in the support that riders want. Our goal is to better the rider and their motorcycle by offering world-class products and service. Our message is safety and this is reflected in our mission

The Motorcycle Store Popular

We have a large Service Center committed to delivering prompt, quality service. Our staff are riders, racers and motorcycle enthusiasts who understand the passion for riding.