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Kitchener & Waterloo Sports

Chicopee Seasonal Popular

(Kitchener, Ontario) - One of Ontario's finer ski slopes

Chicopee Ski Club Popular

Ski and Snowboard at Chicopee

Kitchener - Waterloo Skating Club Popular


Little Geo Shop

Check out the new Swagging Game! Located in Kitchener/Waterloo area. If you like the outdoors this game is for you! This game may be for geocachers only but you can check out other littlegeoshop pages to find out how you can start and how to play for free! Get the whole family together for some great fun.

Waterloo Minor Soccer Club Popular

was founded in 1971. Waterloo Minor Soccer has been providing an opportunity for children in the City of Waterloo to participate in the world’s most popular game.

Waterloo Organization of Disc Sports Popular

Governing body for ultimate in the Waterloo region. We run fall and spring/summer leagues as well as the WODS Oktoberfest Tournament. If you live in the region and want to play some ultimate then let us know.