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Bell Canada Popular

Bell Canada, a leader in telecom providing wireless products, applications, satellite, e-commerce, Internet access and high-speed data services

BondNet Popular

has been providing the most reliable dial-up access in the region for years. While other ISP's scrambled for market share, we would turn new business away instead of compromising the quality and performance our existing clients deserved. By doing so we were able to focus on quality high speed connections without busy signals. Regardless of the size of your business look to us for Access You Can Depend On!

Interlynx Popular

southern Ontario's leading Internet Service Provider announces a major expansion of services in Ontario and Quebec.

ISPnet Internet Solutions Popular

Web: Popular

High Speed Internet Service

Southmount Cable Limited Popular


Spectranet Popular

If you are searching for an ISP, Spectranet Connections Inc.prides itself on high quality technical support, and first rate customerservice. We currently offer a rich blend of services for consumers andcorporate professionals. See our Services and Current Rates areas for detailsand information.