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HOME has four kinds of stores to serve you. Each store offers a distinctive array of products and services designed to meet your needs in different ways.
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Enjoy convenient online shopping, 24/7. And with thousands of products available and new ones being added every day, has a great selection of furniture, appliances, home décor, power tools, power equipment, gardening tools and more.
Address: 1825 Brookdale Ave. Cornwall ON K6J 5X7
Phone: (613) 930-4470
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We offer Canadian consumers home improvement products at the right prices, with professional service. House/home Remodelling Renovations Upgrades

SunClass Spas Inc

Swim all year, hot tub all year, entertain the kids all year, and save A LOT of money compared to buying a traditional swimming pool with the Arctic Ocean swim spa.
Address: 805 Sydney Street, Cornwall, ON, K6H 3J7
Phone: 613-937-4795
Canada Cornwall Home-Renovations