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Canadian Cool & Popular Links

Abbotsford Automotive Motorcycles

Pacific Coast Mini Roadrace Club (PCMRC) Popular

The Pacific Coast Mini Roadrace Club (PCMRC) is the Lower Mainland’s mini-road racing community. The PCMRC has been in continuous existence since 1990, promoting racing at several venues around the Fraser Valley. The club was first created at a time when Yamaha was offering street legal 50cc and 80cc motorcycles that could be modified for racing purposes. These events are still ongoing in Europe (especially in the U.K., Spain and Italy), Japan and all over North America. The club has expanded from these beginnings and now offers several classes utilizing different motorcycles as authorized by the Canadian Motorcycle Association (CMA) within the parameter of mini road-racing.

Barrie Health-Wellness

Royal Victoria Hospital Popular

RVH is a regional health centre providing primary and specialized care that includes a wide range of surgical and medical services, mental health, rehabilitative, complex continuing care, and cancer care.

Calgary Community-Services

Calgary Public Library Popular

A world of information and ideas within reach of every Calgarian.

Edmonton Automotive Auto-Leasing Popular

Guide to assuming short term auto leases with no down payment and breaking car leases early without penalties.

Markham Shopping Adult-Stores

Exciting Products Inc Popular

Exciting Products offers a high quality range of merchandise that is innovative, effective and serious in its purpose. These products are designed to provide men and women with a safe and reliable means of enhancing their intimate relationships.

Newfoundland Shopping

Newfoundland Products Online Popular

Thousands of Newfoundland Books, Music, Food, Crafts, CD's, Videos, and much more...

Toronto Photography

Gary Ray Rush Photography Popular

Fun, Original, Stylish

Vancouver Arts-Entertainment Dance

DanceSport BC Popular

The Governing Body for Amateur DanceSport in British Columbia. DanceSport BC is a non-profit association founded to encourage amateur social and competitive ballroom dancing ('DanceSport') in British Columbia.

Vancouver Community-Services

Big Brothers Vancouver Popular

Big Brothers is a non-profit, community-based organization that has served the Greater Vancouver area since 1957. Traditionally, Big Brothers has matched boys from male absent homes to carefully screened and trained adult male volunteers, who provide guidance, support, and friendship. Times have changed. Our volunteers and the needs of our communities have changed. In response, Big Brothers developed a menu of programs to suit the diversity of our communities and the busy schedules of our volunteers. Whether you are male or female, married or single, 19 or 65; if you have from one to three hours a week to spend with a child, we have a volunteer opportunity for you.

Vancouver Home-Construction

Kensington Homes Popular


Vancouver Home-Services Moving-Storage

Summit of Atlas Van Lines, BC Movers, moving company Popular

Summit is a quality driven, full service moving company, specializing in Local, Long Distance and International relocations.
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