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Calgary Health & Wellness

Family Health and Wellness Calgary Medical Centre

Family Health and Wellness Clinic is a modern Calgary Medical Centre for individuals who faced with automobile accident, job and sport-related injuries. Our proffesional group of massage therapists, Calgary physicians, psychologists and registered nurses could ensure you with appropriate therapy and rehabilitation until you might get back to a normal life.
Address: 7500, Macleod Trail SE, Suite #104 Calgary, Alberta T2H 0L9
Phone: (403) 453-0560

The Healing Link

The Healing Link connects people with dedicated, talented alternative health practitioners, easily and quickly. We offer healthy recipes, alternative health practitioner listings. and articles for a healthier lifestyle.


HealthMedica offers a variety of pain management. Our pain clinic uses specialized computerized chiropractic and spinal decompression to treat varying severities of pain issues.
Address: 1600-90th Avenue Suite A306 Calgary AB T2V 5A
Phone: 403-452-9977
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