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Calgary Alternative Health Services

Centre For Preventive Medicine Popular

Using a holistic approach to wellness, our physicians offer a full range of treatments, therapies and medical investigations.

Integrative Health Centre Popular

The Integrative Health Centre is a professional naturopathic clinic committed to providing comprehensive health care. The purpose of our clinic is to support our patients in their quest for health by providing an atmosphere of compassion, service, lifestyle education and natural therapies.

Living Spaces Feng Shui & Energy Clearing

Are you feeling vibrant and alive, happy and healthy? Bring balance and vitality to your life through Feng Shui & space clearing. Gina Dolinsky offers residential and business consultations to help you de-stress and harmonize your space and your life. Personal and space clearing helps clear mental and emotional clutter for you personally (memories and beliefs that no longer serve you) and releases energy patterns tied up in your environment (geopathic stress and energy left behind by previous occupants). Lighten up your life!

Naturopathic Medical Research Clinic Popular

Nutritional therapy for schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, autism, criminal behavior, and other behavior disorders such as ADHD and learning disabilities. Nutritional imbalances include high or low histamine, pyrroluria, heavy metal toxicity, cerebral allergies, essential fatty acid deficiencies, hypoglycemia, food intolerance, and malabsorption syndrome.

Shephard Health

An integrated alternative health centre offering Acupuncture/Traditional Chinese Medicine, ART, Chiropractic and Massage therapy. Specializing in pain related issues including soft tissue injury.

SimpLee Serene

Solutions focused personal coach, wellness consultant and Feng Shui Practitioner serving clients nationally and internationally with sessions in person or over the phone.
Address: Box 118, Site 2, RR1, DeWinton, AB, T0L-0X0
Phone: 403.680.0520

The Merrell Clinic

Sleep clinics specializing in oral appliance therapy for snoring and sleep apnea. Serving patients throughout Alberta and across Canada and the USA.
Address: #248 - 1111 Olympic Way S.E. Calgary, AB T2G 0E6
Phone: (403) 244 7667
Canada Calgary Health-Wellness Alternative-Health