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Burlington Mental Health Therapy & Treatment Services

New Hope Counselling Centre, Dr. James A. Miklos, Psychotherapy & Counselling

Professional Individual, Marriage, and Family Counselling and Psychotherapy. Specialized psychotherapy for various conditions and traumas that include: grief/loss, sexual abuse, physical abuse, verbal abuse, anxieties and phobias, addictions, attachment issues, anger and rage, PTSD, and much more. Using various techniques such as EMDR, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Theophostic Based Therapy and Dream Analysis and Interpretation.

Play Therapy for Children - Susan Garofolo Popular

Children dealing with divorce, abuse, ADD/ADHD, adoption find help and hope through play therapy

Stephen Douglas MA OACCPP(C) Popular

Stephen Douglas offers relational psychotherapy to help clients explore issues of anger and stress, anxiety, and depression as we experience them within our intimate and family relationships. This type of therapy is an excellent resource for individuals frustrated or disappointed in their relationships.